1. If I am here on for a gardening tutorial that meant I want a high standard content driven tips and suggestion relating to planting and gardening, the quality of the Vblog doesn't matter much, but why not opt for a better high quality shots if available so grab it, congratulation for your achievement and I think it's a little late to congratulate. Please put a tutorial for night-blooming jasmine (mine one is getting yellowish leaf) & neem, also suggest some plant to be carried into hostel room. Keep doing good 🙂

  2. All the best…dslr camera is good but not good for vlogging bcz of weight…but you can do all types of photo/video graphy…nature ,wildlife, also you can add some zoomed video scenes into your edits

  3. Congratulations… U have really inspired me to go for gardening, compared to others, in ur videos whatever u advise is much more budget friendly.
    And yes, I totally agree to ur point that good quality videos r more liked as compared to the ones that r made with low quality cameras. Keep up the good work! 🤗🤗

  4. OMG, u r soo cool
    I like the way u are expanding this vast field of Gardening,
    I really loved ur channel,
    Really really great to see an Indian blogger going soo well!

    Keep going on..
    I hope You’ll to the best further…
    Congratulations! And Good luck 😃

  5. I and my husband used to have this debate that equipments are important or content. He is always into buying new equipments to improve the video quality aesthetically n I focus more on content… Both are important…

  6. I already thought your videos were of high quality…
    May be better equipment helps, but content is the king,
    I never thought you needed to improve upon the Aesthetic quality of your videos

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