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  2. great analysis man starting here 8:20
    Yes , yes and yes… the banana trade affects negatively many humans and animals and yet that bimbo does not even think about that. She is caught up in the demonic thoughts that she has and lost her ability to think clearly, what a shame. I pray that this girl quits all that nonsense & new age crap.
    Great video and opinions, thanks

  3. these vegan idiots are hating the player and not the game. They should hate the game instead of the player. They say its bad to eat cows , etc but that is incorrect. What is bad is the industrialization of meat. But eating meat is healthy and part of a complete normal diet.
    people are so confused!

  4. "demonic thoughts she is projecting" … yeah man, you hit the nail in the head 100%. All your video is great and airhead vegans should see this and take note. And this girl on the video is completely crazy and confused. Its a shame how people get confused on their desire to do good.

  5. I am plant based. I wouldn’t call myself vegan. People like Free Lee scare people from trying a Plant Based diet. I doubt I would ever eat a carnivore diet since I tried that Approach for so long and it never worked for me. I did a carnivore diet before I went plant-based. I was in very poor health extremely overweight and unable to lose weight eating meat and mostly meat with butter very low carb. I never felt worse and if I did lose any weight it was just water. I switched to potatoes and rice and my health improved. Rather than call myself plant-based or a vegan I would consider myselfHigh carb and low fat since embracing a wacky ideology like veganism would lower my social status. I feel great and on rare occasions I’ll have a bite of seafood.

  6. People have gotten so sick and fat on her ridiculous diet of smashing in as many carbs as u want. Nobody has time to work out for 8 hours a day like her since she doesn't have a regular job like most people. She is such a hypocrite she's ok with killing a baby but not animals. Nutcase. Her and her fake tits on her body that looks like a 12 year old scrawny boy. She's so lost and sad she's influencing young impressionable girls.

  7. Great vid, I've just started recovering from years of nutritional deprivation, thank u for going after Freelees vid. Shes delusional,… and the double arm gap thing, how doesnt that convince her shes doing herself harm?

  8. Your opinion is just an opinion. Mask the truth as you prefer.
    In fact, nobody is expecting you care about the life of the animals that you kill for just a delicious bite. You dont need to do it but hey, who cares about lives that are not yourself?
    Man, if you care about nothing, at least dont disturb people who wants to be better and try to change the things.
    You want to continue farming lives for your tasty consumption? Ok, I dont expect that you understand the purpose of moral and ethics. Just get appart and let people who want to solve problems doing the job. Just that. And peace.

  9. I’m vegan and pro-life.. I don’t like freely, I think her views are a little extreme.. but primal edge health reasoning isn’t good at all.
    Millions of crops are being raised to feed just the animals for our consumption. Those crops can be used to feed the millions of starving people in the world, but goes to the millions of livestock humans raise to eat their flesh.. also yes those rats being killed and insects in the crops is bad, and needs to change, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I challenge you to see an earthly Ed video or review his videos. I promise you , you won’t win.

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