First High: Watch This Military Vet Get High For The First Time

Watch people experience the joy of cannabis for the first time! Comedian and veteran cannabis connoisseur Mike Glazer (BuzzFeed High Guys) guides guests …


  1. I think cannabis is great for anyone – especially if they've been through a traumatic experience. We need to eliminate the stigma that older Americans (and people around the world) have towards weed. "Smoke weed everyday!"

  2. i am a combat veteran. i am also a stigma. an injured veteran can get federally provided health care because they are a veteran, but because it is federal, it is fucked. the feds are the ones who put it on schedule 1 in the first place. if i want to get a medical card in maryland, i have to pay at least $200 just to be registered by the provider and get a card. it is not covered by the va or insurance. the prices of the medicine in dispensaries are unaffordable, just use weed maps and see for yourself. when i can afford the medicine, which is not often, i have to use the grey market. we need more people like Teaghan Finks to help end the stigma so that the medicine can be more available for minority groups like veterans.

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