Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years): Veganism & Weed: A Lethal Combination

Email me if you would like to tell your ex-vegan story too. My email address is on sv3rige.com and on my “About” page on youtube. This channel has never been …


  1. Thanks…I think you just saved me from madness….I was vegan for 4 months, have just started drinking organic milk, butter, honey, raw meat…..I can feel my brain working again, thanks man.

  2. This dude should not be smoking weed (and I say that as a cannabis lover).

    But seriously: if you have a history of mental illness, especially schizophrenia, stay away from psychoactive components!

  3. children indoctrination to veganism in public schools is now a part of their educational curriculum. we should open a conversation about it. i personalty know kids who will not touch meat because what they are thought in school and some parents have no control on them and submit to their diet.

  4. Every time I hear people say and like this and like that and like this ..and I’m like this and I’m like that.. and I was like emiliooo! Haha
    I 86 those words for the rest of the year.

  5. @Sv3rige What are your thoughts on adequate amounts of iodine needed, sources etc.? What do you think of Brownstein's and Guy Abraham's theory by which we need big amounts like 40 mg daily like Japanese people take?

  6. mental illness (from brainwashing) is sad. In general, it is heartwrenching, as even people near and dear to me who have health problems go to the doctor, the dentist, "own"/watch television, tell me that I am weird and might die because I eat raw meat. Last I checked, I'm vital, and people/entities depend on me. I look good and feel good. Brainwashing by the status quo is saddening.

  7. I heard Greger is dying from pancreatic cancer but keeps it a secret as he did not sell enough copies of his book: “how not to die” , but he started to work on his new book: “ how I gave all myself to veganism and was doing it right but it fucked me up big time!”, which he is planning to release after his death to support expensive medical bills of his kids….

  8. I'm happy to say that I have been struggling with wieght since I was 11, now I'm 15. I'm around 200 lbs, and 5'7. I am mostly eating chicken livers and medium rare burgers with potatoes, some vegetables and a some rice. I'm losing weight and still eating fatty meats. Thank you.

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