Episode 216: Her Massive Fibroid Tumors Are Shrinking And Dying With The Use Of Cannabis Oil

Dealing with the growth of very large fibroid tumors has been a continuing health problem for Charlene Modeste of California for nearly 20 years. At times, the …


  1. You have to go to fruit and veggie diet only. Use castor oil packs and herbs like cleavers, vitex, dong quai, red raspberry and a good natural detox. Or call Dr.Sebi office or Dr.Robert Morse.

  2. Hi! Did you get an MRI with Gadolinium? I am asking because I am scared to get the next MRI that is set up because I read horrible things about the contrast. Do you think they can see enough from the MRI without contrast. Last time I had an ultrasound ..4 months ago… mine was 12 cm.
    Dealing w/ this for about 7 years..had a focused ultrasound…it did shrink some but it grew bigger than when it started. I look so pregnant like you did.
    I am overjoyed for YOU!

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  4. What’s frustrating about this clip is you leave us without info. How much oil was she taking? For how long was she taking it? What happens now with the necrotic tumors? Great story and all but it’s hard to walk away knowing what to do.

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