Don’t Grow Cannabis If You Have This Problem

If you’re considering starting to grow your own Cannabis, we think it’s a great idea, no doubt. But if you’re struggling with this issue, save yourself some time and …


  1. Question I’m trying to figure out how to go about this the best way if I work from 630am to 5 pm what would be the best time to run my lights I was thinking from 5pm to about about 11 am because after work I’d have to check on the plants water etc but idk what would be the best time based on my time schedule if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it 💯

  2. Yea bro my first plant I had was absolutely fucked it’s grew to be about 2 feet maybe 3, but I kept putting it outside and inside with a light source but I was taking care of that thing like hours on hours a day n time would just pass and I’d be like fuck it alresdy this time

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