1. BIG PHARMA has their lobbyist hands in Washington pockets and in big companies. They Will air commercials for alcohol, narcotics, etc but cannabis would lower the $ to big pharma. CBD and Cannabis is not hard on your body nor addictive luke alcohol, narcotics and RX's that destroy your livers, pancreas', etc.

  2. It's my understanding that the Pot,Weed, Happy Wacky Tobacky (or whatever you want to call it) is much more potent in today's version than it was in the "Hippy Days" of the 60's. I never "toked" so I don't know if this is true. Those who are more of an expert should comment.

  3. It's 100% legal here in Canada you can have it mailed right to your house or buy it at retail locations for medical or recreational use. It is treated much like alcohol, as long as you are 19 yrs. of age you are allowed to possess it, grow it, and use it without fear of being arrested!

  4. Yeah I'm always amazed at this THC has not been found to do anything to help the human body only CBDs have you don't get that from smoking. Now that that's out of the way why is it that we hate tobacco so much but pots okay when all the effects of tobacco are the effects of smoking pot? Just that should be enough to get you to think about it but if you're a stoner that never even comes into question

  5. Best for the still ignorant on cannabis, to educate themselves on the different stains and what each one heals ! It truly is a miracle plant for many illnesses and afflictions. Insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, nauseous, anger, diabetes, restless leg syndrome etc.
    The trick is to have the right strain and the right amount for what ails you.
    And no dummies … you don’t drive while you smoke, just like when you drink, or eat, or put on makeup,
    Or talk on your phone … when you drive Just Drive !
    As for alcohol ? I watched it kill my husband at 26 … worse drug on the planet because it’s so socially
    acceptable … if you need to fear something, fear that !
    Thank heavens I live in a state that is legal for marijuana… none of the big pharma poisons have worked for me, they kill people on a daily basis … but it goes under the radar !

  6. Can see why the ad has to be pulled, because Cannabis has not been accepted to be legal Nation wide. Since the Super Bowl is nation wide it would not be appropriate for something that is not legal nation wide. Cheers!

  7. I love pot but its going to be legal Nation wide. You can say that they still show alcohol ads but they don't show tobacco ads. Pot is a smoke not a drink, I say no cigarette ads no pot ads they will still sell we don't need their pot ads.

  8. Good call CBS! A drug is a drug no matter what the heck you call it!! Idiots. Darn fools. You don’t make a drug not a drug by calling it medical! God calls it sin. Keep a sober mind. What kind of a message are we sending our kids by allowing this. Wait till it’s one of their kids killed in a car crash with this drug in their system because if it or some other drug smoking hippie crashes into your wife and kids on their way home from school. This is pathetic this so called medical marijuana. What’s next so called medical heroine??!! We should be utterly ashamed for allowing this to happen in our country. These drug pushers are the same idiots that thinks it’s okay to kill our little babies to so go figure what we are dealing with it. Sad. Very sad. 😡😡😡 REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!

  9. So bud, you might have a few pot smoking fans out here, lol, i really like where this stations going! Maybe bring back more Alex jones endorsements every once in a while, anyways, thank you and keep up the good work!

  10. Just think if everyone used pot instead of pharmaceutical opium the big pharmaceutical companies would lose money and no one will get addicted to opium. The liberals will never allow that

  11. The horrific lefties pushing the agenda is reason enough to Stonewall them. If you have a herbalist who prescribes it that is different from the political agenda which is always the tip of an iceberg with horrific social consequences sure to follow.

  12. Marijuana should be legal everywhere. It basically is most everywhere. However that doesn't mean I want my children to get it promoted into their little minds. When I was a kid candy cigarettes were really popular, I don't think they make candy cigarettes anymore. They don't advertise tobacco and I don't think they advertise spirits in the USA. When's the last time you saw a good Marlboro or Chivas Regal commercial?

  13. HONESTLY! Its better tha OPIOIDS!!! Its not addicting. I don't use it but don't see that it's harful. I prefer the CBD OIL, or the one that the THC. As someone who suffers from Chronic pain DAILY! with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue this is safer than than pain pills.

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