Can Cannabis Oil Change the Lives of Sick Kids?

The Doctors hear from Canna-Centers medical director Dr. Bonni Goldstein on how cannabis oil treatments have helped many patients in her pediatric practice.


  1. If any child with a disease or any adult or elderly that has Heath problems and they’ve taken everything under the sun and those ‘medicines’ are more a drug than anything and have so many side effects that are dangerous and kill millions of people everyday yet it scares the hell out of the pharmacy’s and certain doctors that do not understand the health benefits of medical cannibus not synthetics that are a copycat of medical cannibus and aren’t really the real stuff and then the world goes see see it is dangerous um no the synthetics are, not the real plants that can help save their lives and increase but that’s taboo 🙄🤯 what’s legal can kill u and what’s illegal can help u.! See that must tell u all something that the big pharmacy’s are fearful of and losing their big money.

  2. Doctors don't know everything. If you have cancer. It's called plant based diet and cannabis is a plant as well. Don't feed your baby formula made from cows milk. Caesin milk protein I known as cancer grower and everything you eat during your pregnancy goes right to the baby

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