1. Cenk you gotta stop with the silly stoner stuff. Take this woman seriously, she has been working in the industry for over a decade and she’s giving important info. Don’t minimize her hard work by asking if she tests products personally 🙄

  2. Marijuana has been proven to have more benefits and less side effects than all pharmaceutical drugs combined. Think about how many times the cops get called to a violent domestic dispute that is alcohol related. Think about how many overdose cases occur each and every day all year long none of the marijuana related.

  3. Powerful weed corporations means more Powerful Weed right?!? Power to the Corporations!!! Everything else FCK OFF!! We should try to put Bud in the Constitution sum where like 2nd Amendment A sum sht.

  4. WE NEED TO STOP SAYING TAXES ARE GREAT!!! Sin taxes are immoral mostly. Until the "sin taxes" are paid towards to the health hazards (which they're not), they're immoral!!!

  5. the reason for the attack on Cannabis was a racist attack but also an attack on Hemp. Hemp up until the making cannabis illegal was used a lot and it helped certain markets to capitalize on markets that Hemp previously dominated.

  6. Marajuana is a sad substitute for meditation and spirituality in the west. Learn the truth and you can better yourself and experiences states of happiness beyond what you can imagine or marajuana can offer visit joyofsatan dot com

  7. The term "marijuana" isn't racist just because it was used for racist propaganda in history.
    "racist" is officially a term thrown around too loosely on the left. Context matters, people.

  8. I have actually worked in the cannabis industry at a very high level and I will be reporting on these issues. Come to my channel! Watch the news with non partisan reporting and hear about stories that really matter in news briefings with The Light. I’m just getting started and I would appreciate your feedback!

  9. Interesting video, i wish tyt told the truth, I dont know…EVER. You know, so i could take it seriously. Maybe look into the story. But tyt tell so many lies we cant tell what part of thier story is bullshit and what part is them being mentally retarded. But then you through in this chic with a voice that cuts through my skull like a railroad spike and although i like to see what the SJWs are up too, this might be the night i unsub.

  10. LoL, so first they say tax it and talk about the tax income, but now its suddenly. Lets not tax it. Hahahaha, economics of scale will always win, regardless of regulation because its not the tax that is the problem. Its that the gigantic ones can produce in such huge quantities that they can afford to have a lower price, aka a competitive advantage.

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