AAE tv | Manifesting in Moments | Micheila Sheldan | 1.27.19

In this live lecture and demonstration given in Rochester, Michigan on November 10, 2018, Micheila Sheldan channels a variety of beings and collectives …


  1. Thanks for the really advanced Truth. I am grateful and appreciative that you upload these videos. I have been taught to stay in the present moment and be present. The metaphors you use are absolutely perfect and I understand completely. I have listened to this video/transmission a few times now to cognize the Truth of your teachings and so it is

  2. I really like Micheila's channeling – so clear and so pure – no strange voice or odd behavior. The ability she has to tune in and bring this astounding information through to us is very much appreciated by myself and others. Thank you Micheila!

  3. so I have to ask: if these ets are so loving and kind, why did they create and breed us to be slaves? also even if not that group of ets, then the high level benevolent here are trying to benefit humans and earth in freedom, why are we still slaves? I find it harder to fathom that they are here and really trying to help us and the planet, than their existence to begin.

  4. Thanks to ALL for the transmission of this precious knowledge. Many of us are being confronted with the essential lesson of self acceptance. Here you have it: how my regard for myself plays out in my relationship with the world. Hearing this teaching about its importance confirms that the knowledge is KEY to advancing our frequency,our collective evolution. The discussion about the role of our heart center as navigator is very beautiful and clear. Everything gets very quiet when Kali speaks about acceptance,acknowledgment of the suffering of the Divine Feminine in us all. That is a big problem for so many – not just those in female bodies, but the gentle energy of compassion wherever it exists, the unconditional love. How to achieve self love in the face of some traumas? Must one re-live the event and emotionally re-experience? or will my Helpers handle the heavy part? I'm very grateful to be able to hear this event. Namaste

  5. So resonating! Its happening…the fast manifestations. I just came back from Cancun Mexico xCaret resort 5*****(5D) a+++. I have been visualizing swimming in the Ocean since the last Aug eclipse. ..and This trip came to me at exactly 13:44 last month. We left on the 21st..the day of the eclipse..all elite, best employees of Canada from the bank I work at. I was not a best employee…advisor is just a facade..to be a worker of light…but I won the trip anyways…it came to me exactly the right time…eclipse…and usually I have a dark night during the total eclipse…but not this time. This time the mission was about keeping the vibration high . I knew I would be at this place, and I won. I went with 2 colleagues who collaborate in this frequency. This was a paradise. It felt like I entered the Golden age. The resort was Magnificent! Beautiful ocean, I swam in the ocean, did fearless…zip lining, swimming with fishes, meditates in from of the eclipse sun and ocean, food, drinks unlimited..all paid for…parks free…crazy crazy paradise….danced for 4 days..and walked barefoot for 4 days…beautiful…golden….no awareness of past…twin….like I died…a frequency of peace, love, happiness, bliss, purity, and power…..paradise! A place that I thought could never exist in my reality..I cannot believe man made these places…restaurent near the beach inside caves? Wow! Unbelievable! Like a dream it was. Did not see any synchronicities numbers at all…until I came back to Montreal…as I am writing, it is 13:44…ohhhhh. All this Was like a dream, like I died….and nobody was within this new awareness…and it was ok. The mission was accomplished. I am RH-, 144k team, star seed, old..old old…soul. Its all happening fast, I have brought this paradise within me to share….this vibration….light must be shared. May we all live within this paradise! Blessings of this Magnificent New Earth! 😇

  6. I always wait for Michela's video. I m commenting before listening to the video. N this synchronicity always happens with me that when I start craving for listening to micheila, her new video comes. I don't know but I feel a different level of depth n joy while listening to her channeling.

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