1. Pods can be annoying with the fluid getting all over, but maintenance is still minimal compared to a traditional “box” I feel. People just need to take the time to clean their battery and pod with a q tip.

  2. Just came across this video again because I just bought a myle. This particular one that I have doesn’t have a proprietary charger anymore. It has a micro usb charging port now which I love. And I absolutely love this pod system it’s just fantastic!

  3. I have a question for fellow vapers. I heard salted juice doesn’t work with mods, but I put it in my older innokin MVP 3 and it works great! Why is that? It seems the new mods have much more wattage, so that’s the only thing I can think of.

  4. Hey Grimm, so I recently switched to pod vaping, but I absolutely miss namberjuice. Any chance you’ll be releasing namberjuice nic salts, particularly in favorite flavors like mom’s pineapple cake, strawberry circus, and cartomater crush?

  5. Nick, TY from Phoenix Arizona. I got the Infinix 8-11-18 it works fine but last a few hours less than my Bolder Rock that cost about 1/2 the price for the kit $10 and the pods, 2 for less than $7. I also like draw on the Rock better than the Infinix but the Rock pods I have to wipe off at each fill and some pods have a plastic taste at times. I will keep using both. I also got 30 mg salt nick Melon from Super Salt eliquid to use with my pods and can taste the melon. ;<)

  6. Kilo 1k released 4 new flavors!!! Candy Green Apple, Sweet Mango, Strawberry Milk & Lemon Meringue!!!! Kilo has excellent flavors! Our pods are MSRP on Kilo kit is $26.99 4pk Pods $26.99
    Depends on where you get it… Our shop does $25 for the kit and the pods are $23 but every 6th pack is 50% off

  7. You usually see Youtube reviewers pairing up with vape companies to make a sub ohm mod. I think maybe you should try to pair with one of these companies to make a refillable pod system so that you can fix these little things that you don't like or want to fix. I also think it would be really cool and unique for you to do since no one else has done this before. Just food for thought 🙂

  8. I just bought a myle and it is 100% real I contacted the company everything is correct but from the store my friend and I bought from all have a micro usb charger. Was it originally a micro usb and the store we bought it from just had old stock?

  9. Thank you for this helpful video, GrimGreen! I have seen numerous of your videos in the past, and I must say youre very well spoken and have a great sense of humor, even without trying to be funny. Your videos are extremely helpful and entertaining! Thank you!=)

  10. Hey Grimm great video! I was considering switching from mod to pod systems because I feel like a jerk being a human fog machine when I chain vape. Is the Kilo 1K is your favorite pod system till this day? How is it 3 months later? Do you still go back to it for some toots?

  11. For those complaining about the price of these pods, think about it like this…that 1.5 ml pod could last 4-5 days. How long is 1.5 mls going to last you in your sub-ohm tank or for your RDA? 1 maybe 2 hours? If that $20 4 pack of pods lasts you 2-3 weeks thats pretty good. Is a $20 bottle of e-liquid going to last you 2-3 weeks. Most vapers would probably say no.

  12. Thank you so much for doing this video. I have recently quit smoking and was going along happily using my Vuse Vibe when they pulled a recall – and of course, I am no longer able to get refills for my Vuse Vibe!! I have been running around trying to find a replacement. My daughter bought me the Smok 22 and the M17 but the coils last a day or two and are super expensive. I then thought I'd step up my game – lol!- and so I bought a Vaporesso Revenger mini- which I love, but I am stuck with buying more coils. I am gonna try one of the closed pod systems that you reviewed here. One of these may be my answer to stay smoke free. Thank you again for thinking of us new to the vape game and doing videos for us!

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