1. Fun fact: this is a diss record. Think about it. "I don't wanna be the last man standing. Or wait a minute, maybe I do." Johnny Cash is dead. Waylon Jennings is dead. Kris Kristofferson is still alive, however. Willie Nelson wants him gone. This is the 2Pac/Biggie of our generation. He wants to be the last of the Highwaymen. He will stop at nothing to be the last man standing. Move aside, Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, THIS is the music beef we have been waiting for.

  2. Can we just admire how perfect this song is and what the lyrics really truly mean (yes they can mean different things to everyone) however what I get from this song is a really deep message from willie, he is tired of his friends passing so he doesn't want to see anyone else pass (which means he would have to be the next to go) so then he second guesses himself cause he doesn't want his friends to feel the pain of him passing so now he would rather them not go through that and wants to be the last one left so he feels all the pain and his friends won't truly a great song.

  3. Wow! Willie just continues to amaze me. This has to be one of my favorite Willie albums. He has what no other country music legend has. Thanks, Willie Nelson, for providing such awesome music for my lifetime!

  4. As a Brit ….AMERICA Treasure him….We don't get to many Greats these days…2-3 year wonders then gone……This Folks…THIS is what a Real Legend is…….You lucky Bastards.

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