1. It all depends on the genetics. Some strains look amazing but others, no matter how much you grow them to perfection they are a poor producer and look awful. Peyote Purple, Tomahawk kush, Purple Afghan look amazing even if you don't know how to grow properly. But my advice is don't rush Nature let the bud flower as long as it needs to get the full potential, use Organic method's and make sure you have properly flushed out every last Nutrient from the soil or any other grow Medium. I do grow in greenhouses but it is not necessary just don't let ☔ Rain soak your plant through flowering stage because it washes away all the Resin. I check the weather Daily so if it is Raining I put the plants under a clear plastic shelter. If i brought a person who is a Master at Growing from california to the UK 🇬🇧 then he could produce the same Quality of cannabis here, so I chose to learn the way california grow cannabis so I could get the same results here. I am confident I can produce to California Quality on a indoor grow. But outdoor they have the Advantage because they can grow all year round and have a more intense sun ☀. I can only squeeze 2 crops maybe 3 pushing it, out of one summer. I would obviously prefer to have the california weather but I have to make do with what I have gt. ✌

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