Weed and Panic Attacks – How To Make Them Stop

Here I cover Weed and Panic Attacks. How To Make Them Stop and My Personal Experience and Story on the Subject. Having an anxiety attack or panic attack …


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  2. I need help. I’m young and recently I bought some weed. I’m in Australia and since it’s illegal the only way to access it is to purchase it off the street, where you have no idea if it’s laced, or even the type of strain it is. 3 days ago I smoked about 5 bowls. I felt extremely stoned. I went inside to lay down and I started getting hallucinations and then I felt my heart racing. I had a panic attack, I was thinking I was having a heart attack. And this continued for about an hour and a half. I waited a day and decided to smoke just 1 bowl to see if my panic attack was a one off. It wasn’t, and before I knew it I was short of breath, felt lightheaded and my heart was racing at about 120bpm. I smoked many times before this and it was amazing. But this problem has only occurred since I bought this weed the other day. Could my weed be laced with spice or something? Because I’ve smoked a lot of weed before and never experienced these horrible effects. I don’t know if I should wait a few weeks and try some different weed or if I should just quit completely, Any suggestions ? Thanks

  3. Happened to me with a gummy that was 10mg cbd/thc i felt numb and fake and not real and my mouth went numb i got so scared 2 werks ago and now i been having attacks bad and always thinking about that fake feeling

  4. That's a pretty good video about smoking weed and panic attacks. I've never experience panic attacks on while being high on weed until the age of sixteen I did. But like if my friends are doing it then I'll wanna do it. And it sucks when you can't live the life you wanna live with all these panic attacks.

  5. I used to have panic attacks every time I smoked. It used to make me feel like I was gonna die.. Then I started to get used to smoking weed and now I'm fine whenever I smoke.

  6. i get panic attacks from thinking too deep about my insecurities and anxiety being around people, that's why i just smoke alone but even then, it's just depressing

  7. Ive smoked for a couple years but here recently my heart raced super fast. It scared me and i felt my hear drop every so often. Im trying to smoke little amounts now but it still beats quick i try to ignore it. Should i stop? Please help me

  8. Im 20 been smoking weed religously since i was 9 and then i had a very bad panic attack when i was 19 havent been able to smoke since then every time i try i go to a full blown panic attack i miss smoking now i take anxiety meds i cant control my anxiety anymore

  9. I smoke weed about 8 years but the last time when i smoke do i so much panic attack i think some things happen in my mine like blood goes out site of my mine and i fel like i die and what should i do ?now i am so scared about that 😱 !!!! And i stop 🛑 with smoking weed about 3 months

  10. i wonder if you can help me, when i smoke i get anxious but i fight it hard and calm myself down and then i love the high but i never used to do this, i never used to panic like this.

  11. About 6 years ago, i smoked a gram to the face. second time smoking (first time smoking i took a few bong rips and felt great), depersonalization hit me like a truck. Well, i had depersonalization until earlier this year, and i finally overcame it. Don't ask me how, but i feel like ive "mastered" depersonalization, and will never have it again. ive mastered my own mind.

    Anyway, started smoking again and i LOVE it now. its like a completely different drug…

    I dont smoke too much (about 4-5 hits) and just let the high ride, dont try to control it, and dont sit there and think about how i feel (aside from "fuck im high"). I just enjoy the shit.

    But, I would of NEVER been able to do that last year, where simply being alive was terrifying. I constantly felt fake, dead, disconnected. Shits changed, i can smoke weed, drink coffee, alcohol, whatever. Its amazing really. You control your own mind, took me 6 years to realize that.

  12. i smoked weed only 3 times the first time i didnt get high but the 2nd time i got a panic attack and went home and slept next day everything was fine but the 3rd time i smoked and i was having panic attacks for one and a half month…

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