WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU JOIN CANNASENSE – How is Legal Medical Cannabis Made Accessible All 50 States?

Big news here guys. Here is the entire legal position of CannaSense so now there will be no more potential patients/caregivers in the dark. We have a …


  1. You should not have smoked all the canna sense product before making this video….the stoned tone of your voice not only annoys me it takes away from the strength of your points.

  2. Do you have any thoughts about Wickard v. Filburn, which held that the government may regulate personal consumption of crops because the aggregate effect of individual consumption could have an indirect effect on interstate commerce?

  3. I joined Canna-sense and I had no difficulties. They were professional , polite, answered my questions. I have gone to a Medical Dispensary and had no problems. I recommend this programme for those who are interested.

  4. I'm waiting on state police to message me back with some insight on this. If it does turn out its legal, I think the prices are a rip off and it still has the outline of a pyramid scheme. It's really like Pure Romance.

  5. one more thing to chew on. the cannasense contract wants you to sign that cannasense will be your EXCLUSIVE supplier! how does that help anyone other than the dealer??? ok i will wait with baited breath for your reply.

  6. Too bad those inside of the company are ripping off hard working affliates. Someone inside is stealing and there are many many people who are aware of it. The truth will come out soon enough. Cannasense is great. But Jordan Page, Neil Schloss and Sonny Waddell are all in the know and aren't doing anything about it. Long time member here so I know more than you think.

  7. good info for all that dont know already,,,just a simple comment,,no offense man but….need to speak a little quicker. found it real hard to keep attention at the speed which you inform. otherwise good stuff,thanks.

  8. I got my welcome kit today so I have a big smile on my face; did some deep thinking, we are changing the world back to the truth right now. It is important to support CannaSense it is a collective a different way of doing business the right way of doing business; it pays it's members for the work that they put in. It is nearly like buying stock and getting a part-time or full-time job however you want it while sitting at home mostly but those that take it to the streets, the town hall meetings, the Doctors and clinics those are the ones that will end up on top of this booming revolution. I have been truly impressed with CannaSense; their professionalism, their goals and agendas the quality of their products all point to a top notch business a win-win situation. Check them out.

  9. I signed up on their waiting list well over a month ago, but still haven't gotten so much as a confirmation email or anything. Is there a way to speed up the process to get a doctor recommendation?

  10. I was going to join but b4 I could got my 2nd poss charge in a yr in ky and have to be on probation with drug test for 2 yrs or do 6 months in jail! ive never been in trouble with the law in my life and I'm 37yrs old! I'm so sick and stressed and can't have my meds now for 2 yrs. This is some str8 bull!!!

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