Unboxing HoneyStick Ripper Sub-Ohm Oil Wax Vaporizer Testing w/ CBD Oil & Crumble by CBDGoldLine

HoneyStick proudly announces in this video that the Ripper (Formerly known as Rippo) is back and available. The Ripper is new and improved and the only Sub …


  1. Is there a direct email address I can contact? I have a question Iโ€™d like to ask on a product you have. Itโ€™s not a negative concern, but just more of a curiosity type deal.

  2. Honeystick products and the team there are easily the best in the industry. They will stop at nothing to provide the best vaping and highest quality products. Give the Ripper a 12 out of 10!! Proud to be a Honey Vaper

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