1. Just watching out for ya bro! Idk if you do or not or if maybe you don’t for your videos but you should really wear some eye protection 🥽 when looking at these lights! My eyes started to fuck up bad from constant exposure! Love your shit dude!!! Peace!!!✌🏿

  2. You said the buds in ziplocks are still a little wet!? Why would put bud into ziplock bags to sit that is still wet!? Have fun with that mold your growing! I wouldn’t use plastic bags to store bud to cure anyways, tends to take on that nasty plastic smell.

  3. Blurple led’s we’re outdated 3+ years ago, I don’t know why people are still using these old lights and pushing them as new tech. I guess it’s easy to make money from people who don’t know anything about led light tech…

  4. Thank you chef, looking great, good your led experience is a positive one,been running my current lamp for15years no issues or out put drop off at all, enjoy the benefits and will never go back to incandescent lamps

  5. I could of sworn it was legal to buy/Own seeds and thought the legal threshold was only crossed as soon as you germinate the seed! ??
    P.s did you take up the offer on them HLG Q BOARDS! I would of snapped his arm off !

  6. Hey Chef, there are a few channels you may want to look into, namely Frank Tufano and Sv3rige. I'll post one of Franks videos in the reply to this. I know you've studied nutrition a lot, but these guys have too and it would seem conventional wisdom leaves a lot to be desired.

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