Teens Targeted By Vaping – Is It REALLY an Epidemic?

Teens Targeted By Vaping – Is It REALLY an Epidemic? More vape controversy. Anti vaping sites are stating things like “formaldehyde” and “Toxic Metals” are in …


  1. We all know that the FDA couldn't care less about the "children". Children? Age 18 to 21? Sending those "kids" to Afghanistan, fighting in wars is okay but vaping is illegal for them? WTF! I began smoking when I was 12 years old. A teenager, like 90+ % of all smokers were. Puberty leads us to experiment. Teenagers are curious and even more so if adults tell them they are not allowed to do certain things. If an epidemic would exist (it doesn't) it would be the FDA and the media who are responsible for it. The ongoing free advertising of the Juul, the omnipresence of vaping in the media, the hysteria they created with their lies,… Also alcohol is one of the greatest unsolved problems in all developed countries, especially youth drinking. Teenagers smoking are a huge problem and also unsolved. It's obvious that all this has nothing to do with protecting them from anything. It has everything to do with money and control. With bonds, taxes, profit and jobs which depend on smokers smoking. Thanks for the video. Cheers.

  2. It's insane they look over stuff like alcohol, heroin and etc idk why but I can tell you vaping isn't doing anything close to what alcohol is to the population thanks for making the video

  3. They have Cheech & chong mobiles delivering weed in California,and vaping is the problem?

    This is about stealing the industry away from the small business owners who have perfected it,and controlling it,and the prices.Its all about the money.The fda does not care if you vape,smoke,patches,pills,lozenges as long as you buy from who they approve.

  4. thank you for the video. It's been almost three years since I started watching your videos and I have to thank you for being part of the inspiration for me to quit. You are an absolute legend! Cloud salute!

  5. This shit is reefer madness all over again!! When will the mass majority realize the twisted bullshit our Government pulls with stuff like this!!?! Great topics my man!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Great video, and I definitely agree with u! The media calling it an "epidemic" is a complete exaggeration. But then again they are the media, and it's their job to sensationalise their stories.

    With regards to vaping, I think the media is going a bit too far. It's as if they're desperately scratching for reasons to ban Juuls and other e-cig devices. The whole narrative of an e-cig/Juul epidemic is becoming a little repetitive and boring (going all the way back to the whole "popcorn lung" lie, right up to the "formaldehyde" lie….and not to mention all the other crap the media has lied about). Let's just hope the FDA, and similar organisations around the world, don't buy into the media's garbage.


  7. Wow that's crazy 47%? I mean I can believe it when I was a kid I drank pretty heavily and when I went off to college, wow don't get me started down memory lane. Lol Thank you for this great video though!

  8. I love videos like these. We have to make our side known. Because we're not loaded with $ and we can't buy our science, I feel no matter WHAT we do the government is going to do what they want. Videos like these can can someone's opinion so keep it up!! Much love and respect brother

  9. You and I both know the "epidemic narrative" has nothing to do with children. It is a simple push to ban vaping in order to keep feeding big tobacco. Don't candy coat the issues brother. Great video.

  10. You are absolutely spot on it's nothing 2 do with health it all comes down 2 the loss of money that vaping's causing.They dont care about health just their pockets 💨💨💨☁

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