Sagittarius February 2019: I Can’t Stay Away From You ❤

Sagittarius ❤ Someone is waiting to talk to you. They do not want you to move on and they are having a hard time staying away from you. Will you accept their …


  1. Secret Tarot you are absolutely incredible & have definitely read my mail. Its almost exactly as you’ve read except there is someone new in my life who treats me like a queen! Also, I think I’m falling in love with him. Thank you so much for this reading. You’re pretty awesome! I may contact you for a private reading because I’m curious about a couple of other things. Love & Light to you & yours! 🤗🌷

  2. Dealing with a Gemini. This reading is spot on but don’t know if the other person actually wants to reconcile. Every tarot reading video I have seen of both our signs suggests a reconciliation but a third party situation. I am just focused on myself.

  3. He would play games with my mind try to belittled me put me down ,he acted like he did not trust me yet he was the one being a hypocrite he told many lies and called people I did not want a realationship with a person that been telling me lies about himself there was no need for it ,cross watching Taurus not apologize to no player that uses people and now goes with people half his age in secret not for me no.more liers .

  4. Im not moving forward with this person. They will Never apologize.. I am moving forward with my business. Im done with the holding back! no second chance with this one! 😁✌❤

  5. I hate it how my ex Taurus jumps into every reading I listen to when am so over him and done too 🙁 and yes he is looking for forgiveness as well and wanting us to get back together and looking for a new beginning with me! But what am interested in is that there is an Aries and a Leo who am putting an eye on…and yes am focusing on career the most!! 🙏🏻

  6. I used to listen to tarot reading a lot in the past and two years ago I decided to cut it all off completely but I don’t know why I decided to listening to them recently, and listening to a lot of different ones a lot AND every video since January has been saying someone is coming back , a soulmate is coming back, with apologies and second chances. A water or air sign. But omg every video keeps repeating the same thing and that makes me wonder….before in the past only some videos related to each-other but this time woooow all the videos are saying the same thing 😞 I don’t know what I’ll do if my past comes back

  7. He can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. 🤷‍♀ but I am a forgiving person and I am definitely gonna make sure this is a sincere apology because he has hurt me bad. And yes he was a libra.

  8. The Emperor has made many appearances lately that got me to ponder. I sense that I'm going to see the best version of himself (someone sneezed as I said this) in a powerful way for the first time. I've changed and grown tremendously too so we are both bringing the best version of ourselves to the table. I'm also waiting on having a good tête-à-tête❣

  9. SPOT ON!!! I have been working on myself inside & out! I have nothing to say to him or hear from him. Narcissist Virgo husband mentally verbally emotionally manipulating Non Working Controlling AZZHOLE!!! I just want him to just go away and leave me alone!!! Thank You so much for the Clarification and Confirmation¡! ☮️✨💞

  10. It’s weird that I am seen as selfish for needing to focus on taking care of immediate, urgent things. And the Cap couldn’t help me for shit 🙁
    I don’t know what to do 😔

  11. Cross watching for my Sagi.. this is very accurate. I just started crying. It's been almost a month now, no communication from him…and in the middle of me watching this he TEXTED ME I cant believe it

  12. Don't be stuck in the old, some want you to stay in the old, so you can be dependent on them, some will come in and try to stop your progress, don't let them control you.
    You've gained your power back, you've found your worth and know your capable of so much, you've found the secret to having a full life of abundance and love! 💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 Shine bright! Keep going! Your beautiful, your worthy, you got this! Shine bright like a diamond. 🌸🌸🌸💗💗

  13. Totally resonates. Saggy here. Ex tryna get back and I’m good on that! moving fwd. I do not need them to mess up my flow 🙂 hurt me many times and I’m over it now.

  14. I’ve been working hard alright 😏been focused on my coins for a new car and I’ve been having fun w someone who I would like to hear more of in these readings 😊😘😍🥰😝 we have fun every weekend! 💦
    I let go of this other loser, idiot Leo ♌️ a long time ago. He did me a favor!!! 😄👍🏼

  15. Resonated as always beautiful 🙂 … I came a long way in this healing journey from the damages he has caused me … Too late …I need my fresh new beginnings but thanks to him for making me stronger than ever #plotTwist ha ! Cheers to the future and rest in peace to the past😊 … Thank u beautiful for your reading as always 💕🌧🌦🌥🌤🌞🙌💪🔥😍

  16. All I want to know is when this stupid Sag will get the hell out of my readings. I cut him off 3 weeks back, and wanting his dark energy to leave me . What can I do to shake it off , he was a negative soul tie . What can I do ?

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