S8:E6 Harvest vid of SuperSkunk autoflower cannabis by Dr.Krippling

Yes day 90 and it’s chop time. I think I like this plant, Cheers to you all Happy New Year. See you soon for the weigh in.


  1. Day 90 of flower or from seed ? I have autos that stated 65 days from seed but no way they were ready it will be more like 65 days from flower
    Are most of these times for autos from flower really ?
    She looks sweet man 👍

  2. What do You think would cause slow growth in coco? I’m following your way of growing along with Neil’s , even using the Walmart bags, and really slow growth. Under a 600 watt timber growlight redwood. My Ph is 5.8, 50RH, 75-78 degrees in tent , I Water every day/ feed. 200ppm as they are very young, maybe 4 inches tall and they popped out of the 4 inch rock wool cube on the 18 th of Dec. any help Would be greatly appreciated. You obviously know what your doing so any insight or something I maybe be missing would help.

  3. holy fucking shit brother thats a big fucking plant not just auto its a big fucking plant . nice. cant wait for the dry weight. i am order some dr krippling seeds right now

  4. i planted 5 autos in one gallon pots. i know about transplanting them and all that. They are at about 40 days old and 18in tall. they are preflowering and im thinking i made a huge mistake. some say leave it be, some say transplant carefully. any opinions

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