Quantum Invariance & The Origin of The Standard Model | Space Time

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  1. Great video. You took a notoriously difficult subject and made it accessible. This is in the spirit of Einstein who wrote a book for the masses about special relativity. I hope this is a trend in the world that continues. Everybody eats!

  2. So your telling me that by understanding gauge theory as a freedom baseline like the representations of altitude, as well as realizing that the universe contains continuous symmetries like gravity with corresponding energy conservations, we ended up finding fields and their corresponding vibrations like the electron and photon in the EM field which introduced all the electromagnetic, strong, and weak nuclear forces, which came about through the wonderful layers of abstracted realities created with math.

    Well gosh, I need to step up my math game to get a bigger high on this

  3. In the U(1)xSU(2)xSU(3) group of the Standard Model, the U(1) part is NOT the electromagnetic field!

    U(1)xSU(2) are BOTH parts of the electroweak interaction which can't simply be separated into em and weak. This only happens after symmetry breaking (below the electroweak energy scale). Only then we get the U(1) group of the electromagnetic force – but it's not the same as in the Standard Model lagrangian.

    It's a bit confusing because the groups are the same so it's quite a common mistake. But the unterlying mechanism is more complex, so be cautious.

  4. But the formal axiomatic vibration within phase invariant nine dimensional non linear one space phase matrix would equal more than one!!! Even a theorist would know that!!! Just ask me if you want to know more haha

  5. @1:24 can someone explain how his assertion is correct that it wouldn't matter if it was at the center of the Earth?

    I mean, if the center of the Earth was the place where the entirety of Earth's mass lived in a single point, sure. But if situated exactly at the center of the Earth, wouldn't we be subjected to gravity pulling <b>away</b> from us in all directions, and thus we would be weightless??

  6. Dufus: God is man with a beard who lives in the sky. He talks to me.
    Cynic: Oh? What language does he speak?
    Dufus: He speaks English.
    Cynic: He does? Why is that?
    Dufus: Because he talks to me, and I speak English. If he spoke a different language I wouldn't understand him. Don't be silly.

    The claim that "mathematics is the language in which the universe is written" is pure short-bus thinking, anthropomorphism for nerds.

  7. Is it all really just mathematical or to put it the other way does physics down at the quantum level just about making the equations right and not really worring about it's physical implications.
    Is just about mathematical tools and hacks and not about the real physical states

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