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  2. I still don't understand why a company that used to make poison for rats that affects the immune system and they're nervous system is now making food for people you guys feel safe with that are you guys cool with that it's like making a crystal meth maker a pharmacist .

  3. Drop in bucket for Monsanto, will appeal & tie up for years. BAYER a rogue COMPANY also. They are foregin OWNED & have NO TYPE REGULATIONS. Can put any thing in the medicine. THEY put a lot of poision, even in our kids medicine.

  4. When I was 21, I ignorantly spread roundup ready soybeans in a low spot in my family's field. It was a hot day and I undoubtedly absorbed some of the chemicals into my skin and sweat glands. Pretty soon after I started having multiple skin issues, increased acne, folliculitis, and a heat rash that made it feel like fire ants were all over my skin whenever I'd get too hot. The good news is that that was 7 years ago, and while the heat rash is basically gone completely, the other issues I'm able to manage with a gluten-free non GMO diet. I'd love to sue the shit out of them nonetheless.

  5. They should keep their blood money and be required to face hard labor by decontaminating every square inch of tainted land across the globe. The scale of what they have knowingly done is unprecedented baring the biologics industry, that is inevitably much worse. People have been fighting Monsanto for as long as I can remember to no avail. Now Bayer took a merger a Monsanto and that is the big gotcha to this story. The timing is pivotal in keeping it all afloat….never-ending corruption too big to jail too big to fail. Hence the definition of pure fascism-when corporations rule over the people, not the people over corporations. We should all be in our knees or faces before God, asking Him to show us the way.

  6. Isn't there a warning on and in the Roundup packaging to avoid inhaling or allowing contact with skin or eyes, don't use around children, or food, do not store in other containers? Yes, there is. Anyone whose brain cannot function well enough to understand and adhere to those warnings shouldn't be using it. Likewise if one can't think what further contamination the chemicals may spread to. I'd imagine Monsanto is guilty of careless pollution, but I don't know that they DON'T print warnings in their literature. They would be guilty of poisoning users IF the consumers are taking instructed precautions and are still affected. This suing of greedy companies (they are, after all, not social organizations and don't start businesses to serve, but to make money) makes many people as greedy as the corporations. Like suing tobacco companies…..no one FORCES you to use their products! Of course there are always those who don't understand or think "it won't happen to me" when using products. What are you going to do….hold their hands and control their choices/lives? Ah…..here's the liberal exploitation to give them control!

  7. Just think when you eat corn it's Round Up Ready because it's in the seeds. How many different foods have corn as an ingredient… Corn Syrup for example. How many different items in the grocery store contain corn syrup…. Soy Beans are Round-up Ready too, soy is used in BABY FORMULA.

  8. All the executives involved in Monsanto and Bayer should be thrown in jail for first-degree cold blooded murder knowingly distributing these chemicals that do such destruction to life.

  9. This is fantastic. I live in Australia and use roundup regularly. I’m very concerned now for my own health. But this is a big win for humans against poisons in the agricultural and food consumption industries. I actually hope that thousands of cases come forward and knock Monsanto out of the game especially with there genetically modified crops which humanity does not want on our shelves or inside our bodies. Great news for sure, this may be the very collateral the people need to take down this conglomerate.

  10. It's very surprising that the big company's who created these multiple miljard dollar businesses are all chemical compagny's! Monsanto is owning the seeds AND they make chemicals that farmers have to spray over their crops. That DeWayne Johnson guy received multiple millions of dollars because he got cancer for using Roundup and glyphosate. But in fact all the big farmers in America, Europe and the rest of the world are spraying this sh*t over our foods every day! When we eat our vegetables we eat this chemical cancer causing junk every day year in and year out. In fact we are all victims but it can take a bit longer before we get cancer as well. And America en Europe keep on supporting the use of these products by letting them do it! The corporations but our governments as well are guilty for the use of these cancercausing products!

  11. has anyone taken the time to read the back of Roundup or any chemical sold in stores–prob. not–when I read it I was like wow!!!!! put on a hasmat suit before opening!!–but yet its sold in stores and some leak then people walk by and breath the stuff!–horrible,

  12. How do you get ride of a bottle of Roundup? It's not safe to spray and told not safe to pour down the drain, and definately not down the storm drain, so what do you do with it? Home Depot won't take it back.

  13. Monsanto is growing your food. They have the patent on tons of seeds that are invading all the farms. They don’t reproduce and they are genetically modified to repel bugs without external sprays. They also are responsible for engineering fresh fruits and veggies to not brown or rot. It’s so unnatural and the fda has let them get away with this. This lawsuit does no good because they won’t stop they will just put it in a different bottle, relabel it and continue to sell it.

  14. If their ordered to pay then they have proof that it’s poison so then why it it still being used ! Yes Baer Monsanto is a German Corporation that owns thousands of a Subsidiaries! Follow The Money ! They also own Chemical Companies here in the U.S.

  15. It's About TIME!!! Bring Back DDT! It is Not Harmful to Humans nor Wildlife!!!! It is Still Produced Here in the US and Sold to 3rd World Countries ie Africa for Malaria!!!! It was All A LIE!!! Research it! One Arizona Professor ate a Piece of DDT for one year and is Still Alive! They outlawed DDT to Shut our Farmers down and import all of our Produce! And to Sell us Cancer Causing Pesticides by Big Pharma to KILL US! Think about it, a Freaking Housewife, with No Degrees in ANYTHING Started this Bullshit to End the Use of DDT? Her Claims lacked NO EVIDENCE! Yet, she was Part of the Plan! Who wouldn't follow a Simple Housewife?

  16. My yard is covered with weeds which I pull by hand but I knew NOT to use RoundUp. Goes into the streams and rivers, bad for wildlife and people. Use Vinegar to kill weeds, it works with just a slash
    in one day.

  17. There should be a class action lawsuits for all of us that have been exposed to not just Round Up, the GMO seeds are slow killing everyone that eats the food from them.

  18. Monsanto should compensate all the peoples In all the countries that have been affected by this herbicide weed killer. Our food and crops have been contaminated and we have been poisoned due to regular consumptions of these agricultural products that have been sprayed with weed killers. What is the next agenda? Monsanto's GMO seeds.

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