Medical marijuana in South Carolina: police, doctors oppose new bill

A group opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana in South Carolina says lawmakers must reject a new bill that they say will cause serious social and …


  1. Very good! This needs to be said! Degenerate political forces (Zionist powers that be that control the media) want to rot the west and eventually the world!

  2. PS: I can't believe the madness and ignorance of these people, they keep talking about science and addiction, have they heard of tobacco and "booze"? Remember, they have no problem with medical heroin and medical meth being pumped into communities and onto the streets, that's big bucks, all the way around and into the judicial system. Remember, people like these, like the woman lying that someone died from an overdose, because they didn't die from an overdose on marijuana, she's a liar and people like her and all them there lying through their teeth will be thrown into the darkness, because they are evil liars.

  3. It's all about their judicial system, and all the paths along the way to their state prison system, now they can reap the benefits of busting people for having a drug that's not a problem, at all, (if one of my grand children ate a pill, they could die, easily, but if it was THC, they'd not die they'd be feeling the affects of it for awhile, but they'd not die, not that, that makes much sense), but these people are talking about drugs and addiction and lying about it. They don't mind medical meth for children, they don't mind medical heroin; they are liars and thieves and utter darkness awaits them, that's their reward for their evil schemes and desires, to destroy everything, just for their love of money.

  4. These descendants of the old south people which are old racist white people are trying to pull their same old shit. This time with their children and grandchildren. Listen hear you racist fucks. You are not always going to get your way. There will be a will and a way to get around your funny ways. Name 1 person who died from marijuana? 0. Alcohol about a 100 million cigarettes about 100 million fast food in the million. And another thing you hillbillies and your kids are the only ones who smoke marijuana then wanna smoke crack or do meth or shoot heroin who the fucks wanna do hard drugs after smoking marijuana? Only country white people.

  5. I dont think this is right. Im almost 29 and I've never been to the emergency room for weed. None of this is true, from my experience. I would like to have a real conversation about medicine, not about getting "cheeched". And the sad reality is, if he doesn't want to talk to me, i will wait for him to leave or die. Maybe then we can safely bring this up again.

  6. If they are concerned about people that much might as well take cigarettes and alcohol off the shelf. Water plants will close too dumping flouride and chemicals 🤫 airplanes filling the air with chemtrails people are waking up 😴

    Wish those selected oops I mean elected representatives really cared…

  7. Marijuana? Call it cannabis stereotype is century old trick nobody is falling for anymore. How about he addresses the "Drugs" doctors prescribe instead? Pain pills are much worse killing people daily! Liar

  8. I do not trust any doctor, who says marijuana has no medical benefits. Hopefully these politicians will be voted out of office. Trump is sitting on legislation to legalize marijuana at the federal level in 2020 to secure another four years, any way in 5 years the majority of states will make it legalize it.

  9. Well this guy needs a good investigation into his finances to see how many kickbacks he received from big pharma. The amount if stupid that fell out of his mouth is astounding.

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