1. It has come to my attention that I misspoke near the end of the video. No, Indulgence is not a +2. What I was trying to say was that if you go second and use Indulgence you'll be at a +2 advantage because you'll have 7 cards to their 5. Sorry for the confusion

  2. Can you make a video a little bit more in deep about the deck? I've been searching for a while about the deck but your the only one that I can see that got a pretty solid knowledge about the deck. Thank you in advance.

  3. I’m so glad we’re finally getting Guru. I like playing a mixed version of Guru Control with some Nemesis and Behemoth support. Naturally I run three Guru and Fiendess, but also Warrior, Archer, Umastryx, Stalagmo, and Ultramafus. I find Umastryx and Ultramafus can really help control the opponent’s board. I’m considering teching one or two Voltelluric for Thunder Dragon Colossus plays, especially since Voltelluric combos well with Guru and Ultramafus, not to mention Subterrors don’t really use the Extra Deck much.

  4. All Subterror Behemoths: "Ah Damnnnn,he's here holy shit he knows how to search us all!"
    Nemesis Crew: "Lets go take down these MOFOs"
    Guru(with Cuban Cigar in mouth): "Thanks for holding the fort down, lets go get these Sons of B……"

  5. I think that maybe playing a few umastrix is still a good idea, I mean he does banish cards on flip which is pretty good can be summoned with relative ease and he can potentially make guru's book of moon live for extra disruption

  6. wow did not know this degenerate strategy exist in yugioh… now i understand the pain of ocg players having to play through unnegatable extremely powerful flip monsters that have free handtraps supporting them.

  7. I hate that everyone looks at this deck with such low creativity. Your so focused on meta meta meta, that everyone only runs this deck as "Guru Hand-Trap". Or only referances this deck by talking about 2 cards – fiendess and guru. The deck has so much more potential if you play it the way its supposed to be played. The behemoths are meant to be played in conjunction WITH guru and fiendess. Now that we have guru in the tcg i dont even wanna hear "theres no other way to play the deck" cuz thats a Bs excuse. Guru targets and flips himself facedown which triggers the Behemoths in hand. Believe it or not the deck is more than just the assumed "win condition" of ….Hand-Trap.. negate.

  8. Japan has a real hard-on for subterrors. They gave Subterrors 3 Support cards since they got them. Spyral and BA got 1. Noble Knights got 1 and they aren't the main users of it. F.A. and Vendread got 1. Meanwhile U.A., Kaiju, and Kozmo haven't seen any form of support.

  9. the only other subterror cards you might play are Subterror Behemoth Umastryx, Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo, Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric and Subterror Nemesis Warrior.
    Umastryx for bannish
    Stalagmo for extra draw power
    Voltelluric to summon Thunder Dragon Colossus
    Warrior because its reusable and can dodge effects

  10. Somehow doubt it’ll be successful, due to both engines requiring a normal summon mostly, but I wanna try a Guru Control-Madolche deck. Really a Madolche deck with the Hidden City, Guru, Fiendess and Final Battle as a disruption engine to help with going first.

    Tbh it’d be amazing if there was a way to add Puddingcesseour to the hand without normal summoning.

    Sort of like a modern day trick or treat, with subterrors serving as your trick archetype instead of ghostrick.

  11. What do you think of Pinpoint Landing in this deck? Potential +1 every turn (you and your opponent's turn) since you get the searches w/ Guru and the Subterrors ss themselves from the hand via their own effs. It's a hard once per turn but it could help card advantage.

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