1. Worked like a charm except the pressure pin dropped afer 6 minutes. Still excellent rice. 1 to 1 ratio. Also my rice rinsed clean right away so I think with the brand I use (Aldi), it might not be necessary to rinse it.

  2. Suggested cook times for simple rice are insanely different, your time is the lowest suggested time. I've seen up to 12 minutes suggested and usually 8 to 10. Everyone says it's perfect

  3. I use my pressure cooker every single day. I love cooking with it.>>>arah.in/uQwo I want to get a second one just the cook additional dishes on the side. Sometimes, when I put the lid on, it seems as if it is locked, but it isn't. I will have to readjust the lid which can slow down my cooking time. I'm pleased overall. I like the look of it. I enjoy the ease of cooking with it. Excellent item.

  4. OK, so I just made your rice recipe. I followed your instruction right down to the 90 second rinse. Apparently my taste in rice is like yours because it was the best rice I've made in the IP so far, really excellent, not mushy at all. Since this cooked rice is only moderately moist it would be perfect with a sauce, as you suggested. Took the IP Ultra 6 min to heat up to pressure, 3 min to cook, and 10 min release for a total of 19 min. I really like 3 parts jasmine mixed with 1 part brown rice and cook it basically like you'd cook jasmine. For that i think I'd need to cook a little longer or add slightly more water or both. Hmmmm.

  5. Nice vid, you're always attentive to all the details, which is great. I just watched another one by someone else who said she would show us how to cook perfect jasmine rice and then she didn't specify how long it cooks or how to release it. Unbelievable!

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