How to prep your coco soil for growing Medical Marijuana

In this video I reveal what I remove and then add to my soil before I use it for growing my Medical Marijuana. I hope you all ENJOY!!


  1. great video love it, first coco is not soil, not even dirt, growing medium, soil is alive with organisms, anyway, why no CAL MAG in da coco? confused thought that was mandatory, just getting started, watched a
    lot of Living Soil videos thus the first comment

  2. Hey question, you feed your soil in the beginning b4 adding plants to it. During the cycle do u just water ph'ed cal/mag solution ? Or do u then continue with the base and no additives?

  3. Thanks for the tips bro, I took top off looking even better after 2 hrs tomorrow I’m putting them in Dixi cups 👍🏻. Good video informative keep it coming. Cheers 🌱🌳🔥💨🤙🏻💯

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