Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1/27/19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1/27/19 Official Website & Store: Whats up Growers! SO we are reviewing the start up of …


  1. That flexi tank does have sacrifices like the zipper…and the hose could be more flexible…but it does fit through a loft hatch too 😉🤣 great to hear your thoughts on the system though bro 😎👊💚

  2. Thats the hugest toping I've ever seen…but nice plants!! Im doing a video to cover how efficent fertilizers are by growing a plant with regular water ec=400 ppm and no ph measure and other plant, exactly the same with the full line of fertilizers, controlled ec and ph to see what a diference does it makes!! Gonna be awesome I think. Kind regards from south america and keep on with the nice videos

  3. I like your vids! Im wondering since u used fabric pots , if the air injection is just escaping out the sides instead of seeping all the way up to the top? or maybe the air was only meant to feed roots in the immediate vicinity of where the air goes in at the bottom?

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