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For those of you unacquainted with Tonsillitis you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a “ sore throat thing that kids get”, but those unlucky enough to be in the know …


  1. I am not worried on Christmas I got gumballs I was eating them and the shell cut my huge tonsils the same size as hers and then I started throwing up blood I had to get an emergency tonsil removal so I don’t have any anymore

  2. Been obsessed with my mouth, throat, tonsil stones for quite some time now. Wonder if having them out would solve it. There are big holes and places for food to get trapped. Horrible. My mouth gets dry and is saw at times. After reading the comments on how painful it is tho. Slightly puts me off. Would appreciate any feedback.

  3. I used to get tonsil stones badly and constantly. I used to get sick often as well. At 19 I went to an ENT and told him he had to take them out. He was amazed that I could still breathe with how large they were. I ended up for a good while having a lot of things come out my nose and making a weird random sound in the back of my throat because of it. 7 years later and that still randomly happens. But I haven’t been sick nearly as much.

  4. when the doctor said they are massive I had to scoff they are nothing my son's touch they are that large he is waiting surgery date to have them removed he's 12 he's nerve had an infection but they do affect his eating and he suffers sleep apnea due to them covering his windpipe…but those tonsils are nothing to the size of his tonsils

  5. I have tonsillitis and I have for 5 years, some days are worse than others but for about 3 years the thing in the back of my throat that hangs down got stuck to the side of my throat because it was swollen so badly

  6. While it is true that removing the tonsils can be a solution, they are part of the immune system and taking them out will make people more vulnerable to get sick with common viruses.

  7. I had mine removed at 18, tbh I recovered faster than the doctors thought I would. I think that was because my daughter who was almost 2 had tubes put in her ears and I was so focused on making sure she was ok that I knew I had to be so I could be there for her.

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