1. Love the dip flavors but when they're dry flavor is good but not worth the money..just gave away my can of lucky kipper tasted great but far to dry…last sweet tea I had awesome dripping juice almost but not this can of lipper..and I'm guessing it's the older can cause lid doesn't come close to closing tight

  2. Outlaw!!! God damnit im pissed at you, you haven't snused swedish snus in so long, we swedes are getting a little…what should i call it? DISSAPOINTED!!. YOU BETTER SNUS SWEDISH SNUS AGAIN SOON

  3. Just bought 6 lucky lippers and 6 sweet tea dips. And i never dipped before…just took snus for a half year now…( Odens,Siberia,AlCapone,Epok)
    What do you guys think? Will it be a good idea?


  4. Childproof lid only takes 5mins to open by adult!!! LoL 😆😆😅😂 (Tho sometimes kids are smarter then adults with shit like this. Give it to my nephew and he'll have it open in 5 seconds then rub it in your face how easy it was & can't understand why something so simple & easy was so hard for the adult to open when it's supposed to be childproof and the adult has to have the child open it for them {when the child isn't supposed to be able to}. LMAO!) 😄😅😂

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