Day 31 Autoflower Grow by Wife-Dutch Passion, Mephisto, Fast Buds

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  1. I wouldn't support fast buds at all…. considering they have a seed tester who openly calls a black person a Ni***r and openly laughs saying fast buds wont do anything. Not to mention the crappy larffy buds you get from fast buds, the rest of the breeders you have I have better experience with and are actually decent producer's.

  2. So at this stage to be correct, your feeding them 500ppm? Mine are smaller and I feeding them 550isj because it lighter on the center of new leaf. And I remember you said to bump it up and they are taking it very well. But I have purple vain on my stem, any insight? This bad? Can you explain this on your next video Neil. Thanks great vid from your wife, I just enjoy hearing you guys, i don’t get tired of hearing you guys lol. I’m make a shirt that says Double Peace lol

  3. What's your light schedule again?sorry,also I can't remember if you did all the different light schedules to see what works best,if so please let me know what you think.I think it might be on genetics and other thing because a few growers tested and came out with different results.

  4. Neil, the bowl method is great if you have the room but I have a 2x2x5.5' tent and i would like to grow 4 autos each staying in their 12×12 area. I'm growing in coco and perlite in smart pots with 300 watts of cob and LEDs . I imagine maybe I could use 1 gal pots? Any thoughts on this? I just want variety and have a small area. Thanks Neil!

  5. You are my favorite weed channel atm. Loved your video about environment importance to increase yields.. I hope i can pull of atleast 100G from each plant of stardawg auto from fast buds i have, is that possible even though the plants isnt so high? they are only about 25 cm but i did some lst on them.. They are day 25

  6. I miss when you would go in, film and talk. Not that I dislike her in any way, it's just the quality of the image is significantly reduced the way you've been doing things lately.

  7. My tents only 150cm tall (just under 5 foot). I'm growing in 8l pots at the mo cause I'm worried about them getting tall (can't have anytjng too crazy cause of where live) . If I was to use 12l next time would I have to low stress train them so they don't get too tall? Just curious beause yours look quite tall. Cheers for the great vids. Peace.

  8. Wife is going good bud!! HAHAHA, Her little double peace!! The last strain i grew from Mephisto was Grapey Walter.. That thing got frosty early and by the time it was done was all frost!!! Amazing quality!! Due to a lot of my issues, similar to yours, I am looking into Bio Tabs… They may make my life a lot easier… Take Care guys!! Great Videos!

  9. Looking really good Even tho the some problems but looking really really good healthy gonna be huge buds besides the fast buds but that ok still good quality smoke
    Ur wife Is really getting better each week ur really a good teacher

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