Day 12 Autoflower grow with wife -Dutch Passion-explaining my views

How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. I believe her main ability was going into the trance and asking Francine, her spirit guide all about heaven and a few things resonated with me like being in a great big stadium all singing in praise ! I don't believe about her prophecy but the description of heaven and why we come down here is really great! Peace

  2. Are u gonna be back in the grow room talk in the grow room I lived that missed u hope u ight no problems 420 love Neil always here for u the channel all love

  3. That Maxx Yield looks awesome I own a Goliath And Cob the Goliath has been my favorite light for flower since I got it which is over a year now. I have had so many led lights, and the goliath is in my top 3 lights ever. I am hoping to get the max yield soon

  4. Hey Neil, I have a bit of an issue and I was wondering if you could possibly assist me. Im not sure if you remember or not but back in December of 2017 I contacted you regarding (2) Black Diamond Perfect Sun LED 1000's I purchased where shortly after, a handful of diodes went bad on both lights and you mailed me an envelope full of diodes. However before I could receive your package/response, the electrical boards within both lights went completely bad. I ended up shipping both lights back to Black Diamond for full repair. ($200 shipping fee) Since then I've used both lights for one complete grow cycle and unfortunately after that cycle, one light will no longer power on. I've reached out several times to Black Diamond but to no avail. I am a very big fan of Black Diamond Perfect Sun products and I am also very happy/content with the lights performance
    (when they do work) however, I am very disappointed due to having to pay shipping cost for constant repairs. I am under warranty and I am also curious as to what my options are? Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank You for your time and service!!!KEEP GROWING!!!

  5. YES!!!!!
    PLEASE do a video on the reservoir… Most important for me would be, when I need to up my nutes do I completely change the res or just add more nutes to the ppm that I require? And MAINTAINING a constant pH in the res….

  6. Read "Life on the Other Side" Sylvia Brown. She says that you have been through 50 lives and mostly you stay the same sex but occasionally u try the opposite sex. People say they were born this way. My 10 yr old nephew has always had a feminist disposition his mom just posted. They should ask " Did God make a mistake when he made me". Read that book she is like Edgar Casey!

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