1. Bro ewtube is gunning for you… ewtube can't keep Miggy Down!!

    You want to really cure your acme? Change your diet. Stop eating all the greasy food, processed sugars and dairy products. Get on a more natural diet greens, fruits and white meats. It's will change your life!!

  2. Fuck! Again? Is there ever any clear evidence of the exact complaint? Do you attempt to contact Youtube to challenge the ruling? Can your subscribers complain effectively somehow on your behalf?

  3. Miggy! again? Are there steps of bringing back your Men 101 channel? Your channel is big and increasing, why do they do this? I heard you must also be very careful of music as many channels are being deleted and monetization taken away by a company called Universal Music. Anyway, hope you enjoy Melbourne's warm weather today…44C.

  4. I can't stand the fact that these pussies really got 101 taken down SMFH they never have anything else better to do than act like a victim and do shady shit like this. The truth kills them in every single way don't give up ✊🏿 keep fighting these pussies

  5. hi i believe that your account has been terminated along with your latest video

    Woman Doesn’t Have to Go to Jail Cos It Would Make Her a ‘Victim’

    MEN 101

    i tried to open the video but shit tube gave me the following answer

    Video unavailable

    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

    what will you do now?

    i came here to report for you since this channel is the only alternative channel i know that you own. what will you next actions be?

  6. Transdermal magnesium oil, MSM, raw butter, milk, meat and salty raw vegan blood does wonders. Nothing like fresh spring water, a little matcha, a good night's sleep and getting blasted on cbd rich vapor. The orc war saga continues, stay sharp men and wait for the whites of their eyes… 🤚

  7. Mate is there any other platforms you got your other channel videos on? YouTube is really starting to piss me off

    Please don't give up on that content

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