1. These assholes in power are willing to send us and our kids to war while keeping there own safe and when we come back with problems they think we should go look to big pharma to "fix it" when all they do is make the problems worse and worse when there's a plant that could help. A plant that could be grown in your house. Instead they let hundreds of thousands of Americans die due to miss dosing or overdosing just to keep money in there pockets why do we let them do this. I know first hand the good this plant can do and we shouldn't let them keep it from us America stand up a fight. Fight for those that lay down their life for your freedom don't take it for granted. The day you take it for granted is the day the'll take it from you. So fight for those that have fought for you and their family. Because war doesn't effect just the soldiers it affect their family's to and the one thing that could help the most while keeping them safe from over dosing and from bad side effects the federal government is saying no one can have because it could change the power balance. Lots of people can benefit from this plant put here by God but only a few are willing to fight for it.

  2. All these shit over weed is stupid like it just makes you so happy and hungry and makes you healthier all these old bastards need to die off already gosh they need a hit is what they need to stop hating on gods herb

  3. Marijuana can have amazing benefits.. but.. As soon as it gets legalised nation wide bit companies will run the plant straight into the ground. Over selling it, mass grows, petsicdes. Etc.. We need to also get rid of individuals who are allowing people to run in the black market and in the regulated marketed. They are playing both sides of the field and that's bullshit that is allowed only because they have seeps pockets

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