1. I started taking cad for my chronic stomach pain that I've had for the past 4 years and it was amazing how much relief i felt. like you said its not a 100% cure but dang it sure does help!

  2. I have really severe insomnia like probably only get a few hours of sleep per week and I've tried a lot of things but never CBD and now I'm like hm maybe it would be worth investing in a good trial period

  3. Can you please make an advice video on how to deal with non-vegan family members and friends? Sometimes it's hard for me to ignore the criticism and hate I get for my food choices. Love you!

  4. My stepfather fell on ice while walking our dog. He can’t take pain medicine cause he has an overactive histamine so it cause him to blow up. He some cbd oil said it helped his pain

  5. i totally get wanting pure CBD without any traces of THC, but the two work actually work very well together – some places sell CBD with a little bit of THC (not enough to get you high. not even a little) to act as a catalyst and amplify the positive effects from the CBD.

  6. im actually high rn watching this and i think i found this video way funnier than i was supposed to. (not that u arent funny, but those cbd facts definitely werent supposed to be skfksjd)

  7. hey MerryRose! I love that you are speaking about CBD because its so beneficial for so many people with a large variety of issues. I also use it for anxiety and depression, and I find it really helps, especially with regular use. If you continue using CBD in the future, I want to recommend the one I use, Charlotte's Web. It's absolutely amazing and the one I find helps me the most out. There are several different ways to take CBD, but I find that I like the straight tincture/oil the best.

  8. Hi Merry Rose! I sincerely hope you get to read this, It's something that means a lot to me.
    I apologize first if this is uncomfortable in any way. I totally understand you don't post your videos for us to focus on your appearance. I know it can seem shallow, and it is.
    Coming from a place of self-loathing I stumbled upon your channel months ago. I've been having really bad months in terms of body image. I started restricting and, although I didn't lose too much weight, I was miserable. Some days I still feel this way.
    I spend too much time on YouTube. Hence, I'm trying to cut it out little by little. But I never stopped watching your channel; you always radiate good energy.
    After a while I noticed something. It's silly coming to think of it. I've had never focused on your appearance until recently. When that happened, I noticed our bodies are kind of similar.
    Hang in there. I know you are probably thinking (or maybe not) "What is this freak saying?"
    Well, let me explain. I noticed our legs are similar, our skin tone is similar, our eyes and our hair (even though I have short hair since 2015), etc.
    And it dawned on me.
    "I think Merry Rose is beautiful, stunning, pretty. We look similar. Why can't appreciate the same thing on myself?"
    I realized (I already knew it, but it hit me) the reason I don't like myself it's not because I look a certain way. It has to do with something that is broken and need to be taken care of.
    I'm working my way up.
    Thank you Merry Rose. I love your positive and bright energy. You are doing a good job.
    PS.: Greetings from Argentina ♥

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