1. Can you play draw cards first then play indulgences? Like if I play allure of darkness while holding pot can i play pot after I played all my other draw cards?

  2. I think this card is really good on komoneys part it will force people to run three of their secret rare important extra deck cards so that they can play this.

  3. Any answer would be appreciated. How do you exactly banish at random from your extra deck? Could one just roll into a duel with knowledge of the order of their extra deck and just banish specific cards they deem useless at the time?

  4. yo bros they "leaked" some new stuff off on yugiohwikia again , its the The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche, Gullylig of the Nordic Ascendant,
    Xtra HERO Dread Decimator …. so go nuts then!?

  5. Trickstar extra deck is essential for token combos & full of toolbox options, there is no filler more importantly there is no engine in the extra, a much better example would be sky striker, just play 3 of all the engine cards & shell out for more than 1 borrelsword, you guchi, oc you'd never play it in striker cuz of the second restriction bar a really odd meta but they have the kind of extra deck for it

  6. I think in the past it would have been good in helmet decks like Paleo and Qli (it doesn't clash with Duality because that's technicaly not drawing cards, for example). But those decks have Card of Demise which is just better than this in almost all circumstances.

  7. This card should be pretty good in Altergeist. A bit less of a risk than desires in that deck at least. The majority of time your sticking to either linkuriboh or hexstia, and you can run three copies of each

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