1. I grew their AK47 last year in a 3 x 3 tent 300 LED and ebb and flow system and they yielded well and had both body and head buzz. I loved the smell and taste. Stay lifted and peace Sir Jay Jay.

  2. First indoor strain I ever grew.(13-14) years ago. It took 10 weeks for seeds to get here. Serious seeds AK47 is strong and easy to grow but if you smoke it every day your body will build up a tolerance to it(FAST). Top shelf Bud

  3. When I grew AK-47, it really surprised me how good it came out. The trichomes were very large with huge heads. Kinda like velcro on the hook side. It also made the bast tasting and largest yielding concentrates I've made yet. It's a classic for sure! I always keep some AK seeds around for when i feel like having some. lol It was also my friends most favorite strain i grew too.

  4. Well done! Another great review. Thank you for mentioning the breeder. Your videos are a perfect example of the difference between a grower and a smoker.

  5. You know that muffled 2 cycle sound is in my head all day every day the only time it slows is if I'm medicated. So when someone tells you they are going to hit you so hard it will make your head ring lol think of me J It should be good for a laugh or two anyway. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  6. I prefer the classics. Ak47..Kali mist..super silver haze..white widow..sweet island skunk..etc. If grown right and the right phenotype, these strains can compete or even surpass many of today’s hype strains with the tootsie fruitie names. I don’t even pay attention to those strains. I’m running..Jack Herer sweet island skunk right now

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