1. My dermatologist JUST recommended I start accutane for my consistent mild acne, and I’ve been researching like crazy for the past few days! Your videos make it seem a lot less scary while still saying it how it is! The one question I have is how soon did your skin begin to get worse once you started the accutane? A few days, weeks? Thank you from Canada 😊

  2. I’m not even going on Acutane but I love watching these updates lol! You have a great presence and you’re very well spoken btw just find your videos so calming

  3. i LOVE these videos!!! Thank you so much. My nose has been so so dry since day 1 it’s so frustrating. This may be skeptical for some people but i’ve been having back pain as well from accutane and i go see a chiropractor and it helps SO SO SO much 🙂 just an option, chiropractors are the most natural healers. it’s your body fixing itself.

  4. thank you so much for continuing to make these videos! I started accutane after consistent mild acne just 1 month after you and we have had all the same mild symptoms. I just started my 3rd month and oh my gosh my eyes are so blurry all the time!! also agree with the hair loss thing – i swear SO MUCH comes out every day but it doesn't actually look thinner. you're skin looks great, thank you for sharing 😀

  5. so just yesterday my dermatologist suggested i start using accutane & i’ve been watching your videos since thank you so much for making them!! i’m nervous to start it bc i’ve never had my blood drawn how bad is that aspect lol? i have hyper pigmentation also so this was so helpful!

  6. thank you for making these videos. I’m about to pick up my first month of accutane and start tomorrow! I’ve been watching your accutane series and it really helped me decide to start and really educated me on what to expect!

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