4 Pointers to Get You & Your Cannabis Home for the Holidays

How to fly with your beloved cannabis? I heard some things that might offer a little guidance. MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as …


  1. im from hawaii and gonna be in vegas soon and im tempted to bring back edibles and thc pills and maybe tanks. i am already gonna travel with meds on me for my anxiety so i can swap the bottle out. but im worried about edibles cuz of the packaging. and tanks sort of. i vape so i think i can get away with that

  2. This bitch is retarded. Where did she get her info from and why did she put it on YouTube without making sure it’s true. Tsa definitely looks for drugs like cocaine and raw heroin that are known to be smuggled. And those dogs can smell drugs and gun powder or whatever they use for the bomb. They’re definitely not bomb sniffers.

  3. Great info! I'm about to take a trip with two thc vape cartridges. I'm a nicotine vaper as well, so I'm planning to just bunch all of my cartridges and tanks together in a ziplock bag and hope they just see the whole thing as e-cig stuff. Hiding it in plain sight is nerve wracking, but probably the best solution.

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