XXl Stealth PC Grow box 112w with cannabis carbon filter UK

Feel free to visit the website that i am currently building. Hi I have painstakingly converted a CIT Spectre XL …


  1. Nice setup . I brought pc grow case frome California and uk customs charge 110 pound import tax i believe also all plugs where U.S style so had to fit uk plugs. 2nd problem light builds where U.S grade . Ie 120votlts not 240v so lights all blew so needed buy 4 cfl , all in all probly cost around 700 uk pounds
    Once got past that every thing went fine an got me so some nice buds ,
    My tip tho convert cfl to 2x ufo led grow lights for around 40 -80 pound on ebay , over time you will save as want be replaceing cfl ,and they tend to have better spectrum off light even haven a uv rating

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