1. Yeah, bro!!!!!! People need to hear these stories. Thanks for sharing and keep up your good work! I lost the love of my life, 20 years together and a good dude, to tab addiction. He eventually jumped ship to meth and now he's a different person married to a dope whore. His parents and I failed him because we weren't educated enough to know what to do soon enough.

  2. O'd on Opana..
    That was insane, I liquified it in the microwave, and used it with a syringe rectally..
    Yup, threw up projectile style, then I laid down , started itching massively…then passed out, my husband came home… I was blue..
    They shot me up with narconol ( which is awful )
    Paramedics asking if this was my first attempt at suicide ( screaming at the top of their lungs )
    I said I had a headache..
    Then the Dr saw the amount of drugs in my system ( barbs, benzos, meth, blah blah blah )
    I was taking everything back then.. Nothing like that had ever happened..that shit is the craziest opiate ( and I was snorting oxys and dilaudids like crazy before then )
    Glad to say Ive been clean off my drug of choice: Meth
    For 200 + days
    I lost everything at one point last year ( except my job )
    Don't do pills or meth anymore
    Sometimes i feel awesome.. Sometimes i feel like crap!
    Thats life..
    Things are getting better everyday😌

  3. This is incredible oh my god. I get it. Been there done that with tramadol. I have access to hydromorphone and ingested them – you have to ingest a lot to feel anything. I’ve never been brazen enough to snort them. Thank god.

  4. my first time trying a pain killer was so similar. I had terrible allergies full w body aches and my friend gave me a pain killer and said to go home and take it and I’ll feel better… woah. amazingness. the feeling I’ve been searching for my whole life lol

  5. Opana is the drug that made a small rural city in my state (Austin Indiana) the biggest hiv outbreak in our states history over 50 cases I believe. A city with less than 10,000 people.

  6. @Cg Kid Unitended side effects of being a weed fiend is that you dedicate your entire finances to it and get money smart , people smart dealing with dealers , and you know the right time to get blazed. I avoid psychs other than ( hash and potent edibles ) ha yeah they CAN be psychy.

  7. I have never even been drunk in my life, much less taken a drug. But I'm a social worker and would like to say that you are doing absolutely groundbreaking, amazing and brave work here. This is a genius method for reaching young people going online searching for "LSD" with the intent to use it. Instead they find you. It took a lot for me to share my darkest moments with one therapist. With a code of silence. You share yours with the world for free, for the benefit of others.

    Just know that you are are the man.

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