What I Got for Christmas!

Hi babes! I’m a touch late with this (tbh I filmed this a couple weeks ago and then completely forgot about it until today) BUT I’m here today to share what I got for …


  1. Kiki’s delivery service, my neighbor Totoro, spirited away, ponyo, princess mononoke (much darker than the rest but very good), howls moving castle, the wind rises (more serious than the others), porco rosso. They’re pretty much all good. I didn’t care much for Arietty. Loved all the scenery but something didn’t do it for me. Same with Tales of Earthsea. I need to get the last two Ariana perfumes! I have the first two and love them.

  2. When you're at Lush, check out the new skincare! I think you'd love the Argan solid facial oil. It's full of argan oil, prickly pear oil, and rose hip oil and it smells like Rose Jam. I use mine like a sleeping mask and I LOOOOVE it! Thought it would be up your street, too!

  3. FYI: Say Yes to Blueberries Firming Eye Cream is on sale on CVS.com. If you use the coupon code 25FREESHIP, you get an extra 25% off with free shipping. Say Yes purchases over $15 are eligible for $7 in CVS Rewards! I got three bottles for $10.50 each (incl discounts)!

  4. Definitely try the vanilla sleeping mask! It’s a really nice vanilla scent, I have both scents so far & there is also a green apple one on Amazon that I haven’t ventured to yet.

  5. I am sure this is totally ridiculous. But my favorite gift was a trash can. It was one of those Simple Human ones that has the foot lever. And doesn’t slam shut. It even holds the spare bags in the back. Plus the way it’s designed. It can sit right up against the cabinets. So it’s not in the salon way. I’ve been wanting it for three years (since we moved into our current place) I am in love with it. (If you couldn’t tell🤪)
    You got really great things. I know you felt awkward about this. But I’m glad you shared.

  6. Yes to a perfume video! If you have a tough time describing scents you should check out the site fragrantica, it has notes for practically every perfume and tons of reviews.

  7. I find I can get away with mixing silver and gold If you have one piece that’s combined, kinda ties it together 🥰
    Mom loves U 🥰
    I’m obsessed wit the Revlon sugar scrub stick it tastes like a sugar cube and my lips are perfectly soft now 👍🏼

  8. “So it covers your vag and bum” hahaha You always make me smile.
    You received some really nice gifts! My family doesn’t do gifts anymore, because we just want the holiday to be about getting together for a meal, at least once a year. It’s so nice because no one goes broke and no one has to brave the malls and shopping etc.
    We just kind of do random nice things for each other all year. I crocheted everyone a winter hat, and gave a jar of bath salts that I’d scented using my YL oils. Incredible blend I created….. so good! Let me know if you want to try my recipe

  9. thoughts as I watch:
    I could watch video of you just talking all things Ariana….the fandom is real
    I need that bagel recipe, I can't find a good bagel place in LA, suggestions?
    Currently I have the lip mask on and literally before I started watching this I was like this is heaven but the smell…..

  10. I hated the bubblegum scent of the normal laniege lip mask too but the vanilla version is great! I'm not sure if they still have it on sephora but they're probably still on yesstyle and they're a little less expensive there

  11. I was walking my dog, 2 dogs escaped from their yard & I defended us, arms wailing, yelling, restrained my dog & all the while the AirPods stayed in. Music kept on too. 👍🏻

  12. You are seriously hilarious and I love listening to you describe things. It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! Please do a perfume collection/declutter. I love perfume!

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