1. I have serve Crohn's disease along with everything else. Alot of people carry Helicobacter Pylori without an issue. @ 12:55 This bacteria does not cause Crohn's disease! A simple google will be illuminating. Transpoosions only work for a very very limited amount of people and is a very very expensive treatment regardless if it worked for you or not :(. Thanks for being factual dude and guru 😉

  2. Microbes? ?
    How about this? ?
    For anyone, ,I hunt down Murrells mushrooms.
    Once a year ,,it's a growers treat out on the trail.
    When cooking the mushrooms to eat. The smell the aroma fills the air.
    My nose catches the smell.
    My body starts to react in anticipation.
    Is this the human microbes desire being activated.
    It's the same if I tobacco chew golden seal leaf too??

  3. Lots of us really liked having a morning show to watch . What is this? It says 30 min long but there’s not . OK okay someone need to smoke two joints. ! CO ZY3 ? GOOD DAY CANADA B.C.

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