1. Every year I ask and every year…NO ANSWER. So I'll ask again, when the FUCK is this game coming out??? It's Nov 2018 now and NO SIGN OF IT! You would think it's a full terabyte in size as long as it's taking. What's going on, you guys had to go to school first to learn how to program?

    Tired of promises and seeing the words ''it's coming it's comingit's coming''. Ok…FUCKING WHEN?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Almost 2019 now. Let me guess, they'll be promising all of 2019 also, right? Fuck it, I give up.

  2. It looks generic and boring.
    The main entity used for putting the player in a state of disbelief, other than the cheap meaningless jumpscares and the TOTALLY-NOT-THE-GIRL-FROM-GRUDGE cliché, is the doors.

    Nothing truly weird and unsettling was ever seen in this trailer, unless you count the sewer dimension, but even that was nothing more than a bland sewer and a hovering bridge towards a tree with a noose, which cookie cutter horror movie elements.

    The otherworld in Silent Hill is the very same place you are in decaying before you and turning into hell, which gives you the impression that horrible things are going to happen, and that is always the case, which isn’t bad because in a survival horror game it tells the player “you better be prepared for trouble”.
    One part of horror is taking things you trust and use them to violate your trust.

    If they are trying to capture Silent Hill’s spirit they are missing a bunch of notes here and there.
    If not then, well they definitely are making a good looking and very generic horror game.

  3. To all those complaint about silent hill P.T cheap clone. You all can go fuck yourself there's no such word as cheap in making a game especially the one that look great like this. So what if it's inspired from P.T or silent hill there are tons of games out there have similar game play. and btw you can say it's silent hill clone but fuk no it's P.T clone where P.T's not even a game. P.T is dead it's never gonna make it so deal with it.

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