The Top 10 Best Tasting Cannabis Strains

What are the top 10 best tasting cannabis strains to jump into the Summer with? Check out our list of the 10 best strains that will leave your mouth watering, read …


  1. From the late 90s real cherry pie ,real champagne, real cookies from 2012 to 2014 , kush from sfc with that sweet soil dirt taste , uncle bob from concord ,Pittsburg ca Area found a strain in sac that was so fire but found it on the fluke ! I smoke for taste ,cuz the tasty shit gets u the most fucked ( my opinion) . All the clubs have the names but never have the taste !! Very disappointing every time I get from the clubs . My people on the streets always have the best prices and the best tasting tree ! For the REAL connesoires out there , hit me if you got the tasty !!!!

  2. i hve tasted quite a few strains, and in my experience most strains are dissapointing, the bud smells amazing every time, but the actual smoke taste is like bombfire smoke, rough, no taste, makes you feel unwell etc.
    however there have been a few strains i find actually have a good reliable taste,
    thes strains are blueberry cheese, russian#2, and white widow/rhino.

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