The “Basic” Grow (Growing Dense Buds, Day 36)

For Genetics Visit: The plants are now visually starting to swell on a daily basis. Environment has been holding steady, and the …


  1. Yup finely pop some seed from my dad crop from the 70s seeds started growing couldnt believe it did a grow 12 years ago with the same seeds took 200 seed got 10. That grown i got 10 more out of the same crop.was dam excited.

  2. Hi man very nice vid and it's a great set up you have,, I live in ireland and I want to grow indoor like you can you tell me is it easy to do it and which essential equipment I need,,especially electronics as I'm not too good with electrics.thankyou

  3. I learned to use a portable air conditioner because space is limited. Nugs are thick and stocky now. Gotta be honest tho. I went through about 5 grows till I broke down and bought the air conditioner.

  4. Everyone has a different approach to growing releasing co2 can help with growth but with right ph In Water can also make a huge difference and 10 day flushing as well have good one

  5. push for legality in new York . you would think the greediest state in the nation would want the income but I guess not yet ridiculous. not to mention it is still federally illegal everywhere

  6. I like your room too.may I ask how many square foot it is and how many plants you have inside of that space. how do you get them in so close are u using potting bags or what? I need to step my game up however I don't live in a legal state yet so I don't wanna go to prison so I stay small untill things change. it seems so damn unfair that 9 states are smoking lovely while the rest of us are getting us locked up for the same shit. it is ridiculous what is good for some should be good for all

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