1. We all know the shit Rigged just convenient that you figure this shit out now instead of 3 weeks ago. You ain't slick. You still have a losing record in suoer bowl predictions. Not hating these are just the facts. Keep putting that work in tho I cant lie its entertaining

  2. I’m a white Tom Brady fan he’s not lying after that catch from Julio Jones in sb 51 & they could have won by 11 points by running 3 times & kicking a field goal then Matt Ryan runs backwards & gets sacked at mid field the call makes no sense easy win if you just kicked it & win by 11 points a 13 year old could have made that coach decision even in madden you wouldn’t do that that’s when I realized the nfl is rigged forget sb 49 you can say this or that about throwing the ball but sb 51 after the Jones catch at the 25 yard line indisputable rigged easy field goal to win by 11 with 3 minutes left in the game sorry so rigged

  3. Who runs the youtube channel “Polarization Nation Illustrated”? he/she claims to be able to get the exact scores in some of the past few year’s NFL games outcomes, using “unified code theory”

  4. The rams won there last superbowl with the score of 23 in 1999 in atlanta where the superbowl is being played this year in the 99th season on 2-3 .. there ya go lol numbers can always be manipulated

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