Stock Market Rigged: Was “Buy The Dip” a Winning Call?

Was “Buy The Dip” A Winning Call? Will rigging the stock market help the economy? Since the presidents Late 2018 “buy the dip” call on the stock market, we’ve …


  1. Jason, what housing bubble? Anyone who purchased at the height or is purchasing now at the 1 million + prices can afford it. No one is overextending themselves to buy at these exorbitant prices… its almost impossible. What you have is 2 economies with the haves and the have nots. Now I will say home prices will decline only because real estate buyers (especially Chinese investors) are running out. This will cause a gradual decline in home prices making them more affordable for the working middle class. There are no bad loans being given out as was the case in 2008.

  2. The Fed's direct market manipulations and distortions are one of the biggest rip-offs in human history. It is welfare for the wealthy– food stamps for the rich. The richest have been handed $trillions by the Fed under this scheme of blatant asset price propping. And no work was done, nor was anything produced for any of it. Yet they spend these fake Fed dollars into the economy and dilute the purchasing power of the money we get from our real work.

  3. The economy and the stock market are rigged. Right. This sounds very vague to me. Explain, in detail. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. These words all sound nice but they don't mean much.

  4. The time has finally come when almost all analyst projected bitcoin would again reach or surpass its all time high of last year but reality is here and it just goes to show how unpredictable cryptocurrency is and its high time we all come to that realization that hodling may not be the best plan of action to get the most profit out of crypto. Infact, in a time where others are having sleepless nights thinking about loses from declining and fluctuating bitcoin value, a fairly decent percentage of traders including myself are making great profit utilizing different trade techniques so you dont have to wait for whatever will be will be. Read books, watch tutorial videos, ask questions from master traders, don't let news pass you by, and most importantly be an emotionless trader and abide by a certain rule and you'll do great in the cryptoworld. A note of warning to newbies and mid-experience traders is be very careful if you dont completely understand or know what you are doing because just like how crypto is building people on their way to wealth, it is also destroying and bankrupting others so do not follow the FUD or FOMO but follow the money. I was guided all the time by Harry Schneider ([email protected]) with trade patterns, and signals and that alone helped me make a lot of money as a trader. He is a great analyst and extremely good at designing trade strategies for different market situations and his signals are very accurate. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues

  5. Bitcoin enthusiasts keep talking about charts, support levels, resistance, breakthroughs and all of that stuff just like they do with stocks too and call it the very respectable and fancy name (Technical Analysis) without most even knowing what these are and thats how they in turn give wrong analysis and lead people into even deeper financial trenches. Firstly, with stocks we do have actual real companies supplying actual real goods and services, and we can go and “kick the tyres” so to speak but cryptocurrency followers don’t have that. We’ve nothing but the charts, as there’s nothing tangible behind it and this makes analysis easily go wrong. Let’s cut through all of that. I am not anti-crypto as I make lots of money from crypto, not by hodling, but by day's a possibility that Bitcoin recovery can break through the $5,000-$6,000 levels again. If that happens, they say we could be in for another bull run. On the other hand, if it should fall through a line set arbitrarily at around $3,000-$3,200, then that’s the time to accept defeat and sell. If anyone has any Bitcoins, I say the time to trade is now, because you’re holding something of no underlying ability to store value whatsoever but also having the ability at the moment to turn in lots of profit. Today’s centralized currencies and payments systems are actually quite efficient, and they have that essential characteristic that Bitcoin can never have which is stability hence the risk in hodling. I personally even though i am quite knowledgeable in crypto, i am not an aficionado and i still depend heavily of the strategies and signals developed by Harry Schneider and i would suggest him for anyone who is serious about making money from cryptocurrency today. I have used a bunch but his system is the best i ever encountered and used for over 6 months already with accuracy so astounding. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues <[email protected]>

  6. The people who voted for that corrupt, lying fool can be slightly forgiven. They were duped by an experienced con man. The people who are still supporting that slimeball, are just as slimy as their fearless leader.

  7. In all honesty, the debt problem of all our sovereign governments could be easily resolved. In fact, the $21.95 trillion the Federal government and Treasury owes could be reduced to $2.195 trillion. Get it? Ten dollars will become one dollar.This would be fantastic for stocks, and anyone with a mortgage. Oh dear baby Jesus, IT WOULD SUCK FOR ANYONE SAVING OR OWNS MUNICIPAL, GOVERNMENT, AND TREASURY BONDS. Looking back at the day-after-Christmas-rally, anything is possible with this Administration.

  8. The Fed is becoming apparent to me that they are the ultimate market maker, they buy stocks and I’m sure they short as well, thus allowing markets to crash then scooping equities at the bottom and selling them into the up trend…rinse and repeat

  9. Everything was peaches and cream before Oct 2018 more or less. Keep hearing the markets are high everyone is happy things are great! Three months later same folks are saying 2018 was the worst year ever! Not a big investor myself lost faith in 2008 never really recovered. I dont mind trying to make money work for me but we all seen markets go up and down for no good reason and then here comes the earnings report oh god did they make it or not? Analyst disappointed earnings down by .01%, Sell!! Trump Tweeted! Sell! Analyst had a nice dump this morning feeling good, Buy!. Well at least the market does better than my savings account. Cheers

  10. Jason, I think the Central Bank (FED) wants to bring the stock market back up temporarily so that they can "justify" raising rates again…. They will "pump up" the market, then say, "See, the stock market drop was only temporary and we feel that raising rates is good policy." Then, when they raise the rates another 0.50%, they will destroy the stock market by not pumping it up any more…. Look at July or Oct 2019 as the "time of reckoning." The FED WILL GET their RATE Hikes and Trump will have a temporary inflated stock market.

  11. You can’t audit the fed. Its a private corporation. They were created to collapse economies. You’ve obviously never heard of hegalian dialetic. Trump and the government are all puppets they only run their mouth up and down the popes ass.

  12. You know the market was going down last month. I lost a lot of money because of him since I got stopped out of my puts. Good to see him cutting off food stamps but continue to prop up Wall Street. Continue kicking that can, that’s what why we voted for you!

  13. Imagine the quadrillion’s the fed has made in interest off the backs of the working stiff. And what have they done for it? Or with it? Aside from creating wars and killing people in a game of elite world chess. It’s now obvious the markets fixed. Open your eyes!

  14. The Stock Market is good for the rich not the Average American. I can't even take a walk down the street without seeing a homeless person. If the economy was so good these people wouldn't be sleeping on the street or in their cars. The system is so rigged.

  15. Yes I have friends that bought the deer because of Trump he said to the man has our best interest and some of my friends I’ve made a lot of money in a very short time just for his word

  16. 5. Elliot wave 100 year mega cycle finished beginning of October… so the volatility of this ABC correction will be much more than what the market is used to and last a very long time. This can go really deep. 🤷‍♀️

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