1. Idk but i'm about some hybrid of National Socialism (Europe and US majority White and beautiful people)
    Maybe she is kinda right about this part of hoarding wealth. It is sickness bro you like it or not.
    i mean i'm sure you have seen much better things than money, right.

  2. It's more of a young, fresh, Hollywood type cult of personality that Obama rode. The funny thing with the ppl born after 1985 (esp in the '90s) is that they are so politically uninformed that they will fall for it. That's what happened with Obama

  3. It is not the fault of millionaires that they are rich. I am reminded of a time there was a bunch of outrage that Beyonce (or someone) did a internet streaming concert for 20 bucks a ticket (or something). She made 25 million dollars for that and people freaked out. But goddamn it was her fans that made her 25 mil in an evening, not her!

  4. The 70% marginal income tax rate proposed by AOC would only kick in after $10M …that would only affect about 18k people in the entire country!
    Styx made the assertion that people having billions of dollars is not in itself immoral… but that using that money to influence govt is the problem. Well, if you have a political system which allows for $$ to be considered free speech ( which we do) than what do you suppose those billionaires are going to do with their money? History has proven that they're gonna buy off politicains (on both sides of the aisle) in order to get legislation that is favorable to them and their cronies! Working class people be damned! There in lies the problem! So, you either try to get a constitutional amendment to get big $ out of our elections, or you try to redistribute somebody their wealth back to the folks that actually produced the goods/services that enabled them to become filthy rich in the first place. (Both of which are nearly impossible due to the influence of said billionaires).

    Back during the 50s& 60s, Union membership in the US was about 35% and the income ratio btwn CEO and worker was about 15 – 1 AND the top MARGINAL TAX RATE was as high as 91% and our middle class was the envy of the world. Today Union membership is less than 10% and the ratio is nearly 400 – 1. What's more, we have corps like Walmart , Amazon, McDs etc do not pay their employees enough to live a dignified life, and encourage their employees to go on food stamps… which we the taxpayers pay for!!! How do you people not see the injustice and immorality in this type of system?? Do you honestly believe that those at the top work 400 times harder than everyone else? The game has been rigged by the oligarchs and we're all getting screwed!

  5. We've all been 20 something and remember how easily it was to be influenced by our lack of experience with what works. We live in one of the best times to persuade young adults about the inanities of regressivism. We also need AOC to keep talking.

  6. What is scary is the depths of her breathtaking IGNORANCE. If she is the product of exclusive private schooling and college…..need I say more??
    Once she starts making millions off back foor deals hopefully she will shut her piehole a bit…..here's hoping!

  7. The Average Joe in Congress (there are 529 of them) gets paid$174,000per year. But not everyone is average; the speaker of the House gets$223,500a year, while the majority and minority leaders of both the Senate and the House, along with the President Pro Tempore, get paid$193,400per year.

  8. the media use her as a counter news subject to Trump, the Conservatives use her the divided and break the Dems and show how crazy socialism is, The Dems Use her to build her up and eventually pull her down as a lesson of how bad socialism is, and hollywood build her up for material and they will pull her down for entertainment

  9. Why is she not working for $1.00 per year, and donating the rest of her salary, like our POTUS she seems so against? Maybe she should start by paying back those tips she used to steal.

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