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Join us for this special episode of Louder With Crowder. In this live installment of our “Change My Mind” series, we take to the streets of Illinois to discuss the evil …


  1. What do you think? Is Socialism immoral? Where do you draw the line? And thanks to everyone who showed up! Standing in the mud for hours just to watch two people disagree. Was an awesome experience. Next time, we’ll bring the whole shebang!

  2. You shouldn't compare countries that have low population count to high population count countries. It is pretty obvious that smaller population will have it easier to make every citizen much more wealthy than huge countries. You can see why Singapore is so rich with a size of a small island, same reason why Brunei is so wealthy, it goes the same with Australia and New Zealand etc, they all are really good economy base for such a small population country, but when a country is much larger with much larger population etc, the government usually have a harder time to somehow make the country rich for all citizen somehow regardless of what political system they use except of seperating states into seperate countries with their own proper economy instead of managing huge number of states. Yes a smaller apartment room is much more easier to clean and tidy up than a huge bungalow mansion. The larger the population per square miles of a country, the harder it is to make all of them wealthy.

  3. When it comes to moral and immoral questions… I would argue that if you gave a state a role of a parent who teaches their children what is moral, if you redistribute tax to only say healthcare. I would consider it being moral, same as parent teaching their kid that they should help those in need and that being only interested of own wealth and well being is immoral.

  4. Bad preformance but socialism is not necessarily the best economic policy. I don't like the idea of producing goods for the state, as opposed to for a more entrepreneurial venue. So Steven's fighting the good fight, but still… sloppy landing, bro

  5. HAHAHAHAHA. I have always loved listening to Crowder however, in this video… he got wrecked. You were not calm, you got emotional and you cut him off so many times. You also redirected the conversation every time Yusef tried to answer the questions you asked him.You also cracked jokes to get the crowd going whenever you felt uncomfortable. Then at the end…. You bailed by excusing him! Crowder… Im with you on almost every issue… but you have to attack with facts not emotion. Facts dont care about your feelings Crowder…. Sucks saying that to you.

  6. I must have been watching a different conversation with Yusef. Yusef was more knowledgable than most who argue with Stephen, however, he never touched on the question of morality. Crowder kept trying to redirect him to the question, but he resisted and wanted to move the conversation in the way he would have liked. That’s not how it works.

    It is also well known that Crowder has terrible stage fright. I believe that having so many people there, having minimal security, having to do a last-minute change to the program, and being hemmed in by the large crowd had much more to do with his actions than the remarks by Yusef.

    Good job!

  7. You usually make very good points but redistribution of fund is still just that, irrespective of content of investment. It's no different from deciding whether to buy a gun or a first aid kit if forced to choose. You make a very good effort of staying on topic and within the realm of factual evidence, but in this case it became a bias. You're splitting hairs at that point to fit your ideology.

  8. They sure talk a lot about Sweden without knowing anything about our little country. Sure, I get a little butt hurt by the way he speaks about our country as inferior because of our high taxes. Yeah, there are some tweaks that needs to be made to make corporation grow more to boost the economy, but on the other hand, we took down a lot of safety nets because the grand USA fucked the economy up so bad we had to do something. The crisis didn't even bother us that much because of that. We, the world, are now headed in the same direction and sooner or later the economy will fall.

    Yeah, there is a lot of taxes on transportation such as fuel, but not without reason. The money is linked to cheaper and better busses, trains etc. And it works. The impact on the world is true. Most family's who actually need cars for transportation have 2 cars, but the busses and trains are nice enough to travel with to work, school and whatever. Cheap shot to look at usa as inferial without realising the impact of the world.

  9. Crowder lost this crowder lost that, what I find funny is that crowder got annoyed because of the kid using rude words such as autistic, and shill or you're upset because you're losing the "debate." that isn't meant for a nice discussion and everyone is defending the kid and ignoring that fact. This is not a debate, it's a discussion, not meant to win or lose In my opinion, but to change someones perspective on the specific subject in a very genuine way. One way to never change someones mind is using that language in a nice discussion. Which in my opinion of course and we all have them, is why he decided to end the conversation, along with the fact that he is surrounded by people who would like to engage in conversation with him. But hey i'm no brilliant mind so i could very well be wrong. Shit, even after he gave the kid props, said he had guts and thanked him for his time.

  10. Yousef is a legend. Crowder tried to control the interview by only letting himself speak, deflecting every question and response by pulling the mic away before Yousef could finish. Then Crowder gets butt hurt when he's called out for being upset. I am offended you called me "autstic". Who's the snowflake now?

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