1. Girl you need to blow up 😍😍😍 I love your channel, everything you’ve posted I fw. Much love for you 🖤 oh and I smoke any Game. Usually green or blue. Any other makes my lips dry and cracked asf. Especially swishers 🤢

  2. Riiite my fiancé took a dab for the first time two years ago and had to leave work😅 I came home like 'y u laid out on the couch!?'. He was like 'don't be alarmed-i took a dab at work and I don't feel right no more' guuuurl😅

  3. Heyyy biiitch💞✨! We finally got the hemp wraps at our dispensary -sooo much smoother. Right I don't just smoke with erbody (either I Kno em.or my people Kno em) At least once in a lifetime luck finding a blunt in the car😆😆 me I smoke for anxiety and for added depression/grief after mom & both grans died. Also makes me less self critical & blocked wen I'm tryna create art or books🤗

  4. I tried inhaling directly from the blunt n sis it fucking burned I took a chilled Coca Cola to cool my throat n d gas from the coke went straight into my head… I thought I was gonna go nuts dt day but I survived 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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